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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Differences between Big Red and Ezra

  • Big Red is larger than Ezra and has a belly band. 
  • The black stripe on Ezra's tail is much more defined than on Big Red's tail. 
  • Big Red is banded on the right and Ezra is banded on the left.
  • Ezra's scapular "V" is more pronounced than BR's. Scapulars are small feathers on a bird's shoulder. In flight, these feathers are at the base of the wing's leading edge.

Screenshot Composite - grasshopper, 2014

04-06-2013 - Scapular V comparison
Ezra's scapular "V" is more pronounced than BR's. - LottiesMimi, 2013

Another pic of scapular "V" and tail comparisons: Ez on left, BR on right - 1Claude, 2014

04-22-2013 18:58
BR & Ez Head-On Comparison - LottiesMimi, 2013 

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