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Friday, March 29, 2013

Highlights for Friday, March 29

Today was an exciting day for chatters, and a quiet day for our hawks. There weren't a lot of shift changes or food deliveries (or even bark deliveries compared to some other days), but the hawks continued to look absolutely beautiful just doing what they do incubating those precious eggs.


6:40 AM Morning Shift Change with Lots of Ez Wiggles 

7:13 AM Ez looks at a Starling; Shift Change by elly012912 

8:36 AM Squeaky Chippie for BR by elly012912

1:46 PM With A Bark Bark Here and a ...Bark Bark There by ncaerie

6:58 PM Starlings Are A "Crick" In The Neck by ncaerie

 Ezra watches starling, 7:13 AM
Screenshot by elly012912birds
Ezra Returns to Relieve BR, 8:36 AM
Screenshot by Aliclaws

Chippie Delivery for BR, 8:36 AM
Screenshot by whitestar0

BR Yawns, 11:31 AM
Screenshot by MV

BR with Her Bark
Screenshot by CLMBirds
Direct Link is here

Ezra looking intent
Screenshot by CLMBirds
Direct Link is here

BR with Bark, 3:01 PM 
Screenshot by MV