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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Highlights for Saturday, March 30


7:34 AM BR Watches Starling Go in Pipe by elly012912
9:21 AM Vole Delivery by elly012912

12:08 PM Feather Nose by Munchie1951

7:31 AM Starling shadow
Screenshot by Rehaber

10:56 AM Pigeon delivery to BR
Screenshot by RedtailzRule
Direct Link is here

Ezra during Ferris Tour
Screenshot by MV

Ezra departs during Ferris Tour
Screenshot by MV

 Ezra returns to nest through opening
next to starlings, 2:54 PM
 Screenshot by Aliclaws

 BR returns from Stikea, 3:41 PM
Screenshot by MV

Screenshot by mjflan