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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Highlights for Sunday, March 31

It turned into a very soggy day in cornellhawks land! For a period of time (as seen in the video by ncaerie below), a raindrop seemed as if it were strategically placed over the camera lens to hide Big Red from the sight of cam viewers. Viewers patiently waited and by the time evening approached, we were able to once again see a mostly non-blurry hawk.


7:52 AM Sleepy Starling Watching  

8:59 AM Starling entering and exiting nest in pipe 

9:38 AM BR Practices for Hawk Windsurfing Olympics 

2:14 PM Nest Greenery Seems to Offend BR 

2:22 PM Rodent in the Rain for BR

4:01 PM Swimming On A Raindrop by ncaerie

Ezra looks at starlings, 7:12 AM
Screenshot by elly012912

BR positions fresh pine, 12:05 PM
Screenshot by MV

Ezra, 2:23 PM
Screenshot by mjflan

BR and eggs
Screenshot by mjflan

 Good Night BR, 6:42 PM
Screenshot by MV