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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Highlights for Wednesday, March 27

Today was a blustery day and then a stormy early evening and our hawks, especially Big Red, did a super job as usual keeping those precious eggs safe! When the storm abated around 6:20ish PM. Big Red began to dry out and to call Ezra for a shift change and dinner. Although critters can be scarce when they hunker down in bad weather, Ezra of course came through! He delivered a squeaky dinner at 7:04 PM. Big Red flew off to eat and Ezra took a minute to be a cam ham before settling in on the eggs for a short shift.


5:19 PM End of the Storm and After It
by elly012912

6:51 PM Adorable BR Watches Starlings While Waiting for Dinner
  by elly012912

7:04 PM Dinner for Hungry Big Red
  by elly012912

BR,12:27 PM
Screenshot by Aliclaws 

BR returning to nest, 1:44 PM
Screenshot by grasshopper01

 BR Preening, 6:31 PM
Screenshot by MV

 Ez settling on eggs, 7:05 PM
Screenshot by MV