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Friday, March 29, 2013

What's Happening in Those Eggs?

Chat was up and running early (6:00 AM) for the first shift of 2013.

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(ignore times as they are chatter local.)

In the midst of the excitement, some great information was provided in chat on "What's Happening In Those Eggs?"

Grandad_Rufus: Fact 1: A young bird's heart starts to beat around 72 hours after the start of incubation. At this time, the heart has only 2 chambers but will eventually divide into 4; two atria and two ventricles.*
Grandad_Rufus: Fact 2: Eggs are porous to the extent that they let O2 in and CO2 out. Since being laid, the egg has also been losing, through evaporation, very small amounts water through these pores, and as a result it actually weighs less than it did when it was first laid. The shell is becoming somewhat thinner as some of the calcium in the eggshell is being absorbed by the embryo and used to help build its developing bones.**

Grandad_Rufus: The hatching process starts with what is called draw down. The air cell at the large end of the egg gets larger and the embryo breaks through a membrane to enter that air cell.
Grandad_Rufus: Then within about 48 hours the embryo/chick breaks the egg shell (pip) with the egg tooth.
Grandad_Rufus: Then within the next 48 hours, the chick will have rotated within the egg (counter-clockwise) to break the shell and push the top off. This is called breakup.
Grandad_Rufus: Young are born with an internal food source called a yolk sac that acts like a supplement to feed the chicks.  

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Thank you GR! 

Congratulations to all mods and chatters on the first day of chat opening, with many thanks to The Lab!