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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Highlights for Tuesday, April 30

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Our beautiful nestlings are getting stronger and stronger and are even beginning to stand at times when feeding or moving in the nest bowl. This afternoon was kind of odd with prey being delivered and taken off (tweets from this afternoon copied below). But the nestlings ate well, and it was another good day in cornellhawks land!

14:50, 4/30 Mom and dad are back with a long snake. They check on the kids and both fly off again. Storm Prep here in #cornellhawks land?

14:55, 4/30 That was odd. Old chippie and new snake both removed from the nest, parents out again. It's a mysterious day in #cornellhawks

15:05, 4/30 Curiouser and curiouser. BR returns with partly eaten snake, Ezra drops off a chippie. BR stays, Ezra goes. Life goes on.

15:05 4/30. It's cardio-tweeting here, as BR leaves again with the partly eaten snake she recently returned to nest. What's next? Come see!

15:26, 4/30. BR is back, drops off stick, removes remains of a chippie, it's nonstop action this afternoon in #cornellhawks land!

16:36 4/30 EZ flies in to check on family then flies off to continue hunting. Mom decides to feed Chippie for an early supper #cornellhawks

16:42 4/30 When EZ came in he did bring in a new chippie. But BR is feeding the nestlings the older chippie #cornellhawks

16:58 4/30 BR arrives and the nestlings wake right up hoping for a snack. BR is happy to oblige with some leftover vole! In #cornellhawks

Videos and Screenshots from Today
  1. 6:34 AM Early Morning Closeup, Then Both Parents Arrive elly012912
  2. 7:38 AM Peeking Out from Under Mom elly012912
  3. 8:07 AM BR Serves All You Can Eat Breakfast ncaerie
  4. 9:21 AM What Do You Think That Was? ncaerie
  5. 10:13 AM Hmmm..Where Can I Put This? ncaerie
  6. 10:23 AM Wow, Maybe It's Christmas! ncaerie
  7. 10:39 AM Look, We have New Feathers Coming! ncaerie
  8. 12:30 PM A Little View of Lunch ncaerie
  9. 12:45 PM Afternoon Calisthenics & Trip To Fledge Ledge ncaerie
  10. 1:27 PM It's A Small World For Now! ncaerie
  11. 2:24 PM Slicing Tumble ncaerie
  12. 3:00 PM Mystery Delivery by Big Red ncaerie
  13. 4:03 PM Fine Dining For D1, D2, D3 ncaerie
  14. 4:35 PM Ezra Gets An Earful From Big Red ncaerie
  15. 4:47 PM Kids Getting Too Big For BR to Brood? ncaerie
  16. 5:58 PM Standing Up and Looking Around Everywhere elly012912
  17. 6:09 PM BR on Nest Railing elly012912
  18. 6:52 PM Evening Feeding Excerpt elly012912
  19. 7:07 PM BR Nabs Bug on Light Box elly012912

04302013_635AM_Closeup 1
6:35 AM by elly012912

6:36 AM by sebourne

Good morning cutie!
by geralynww

7:15 AM by sebourne

egg tooth
Egg Tooth by grasshopper01
30 Apr 2013 9:40ish
9:40 AM by CaSkyWatcher

1:08 PM BR by MV

2:42 PM by elly012912
2:51 PM by MV
(Ez brought Chippie. Snake  Delivered Earlier
is Visible. Snake Was Then Removed by BR.
See Tweet Record Above.)

Another family moment
Another Family Moment by geralynww

3:20 PM by MV

Fullscreen capture 4302013 33242 PM
3:32 PM by Benjammin2013

3:57 PM by MV

Fullscreen capture 4302013 43801 PM
4:38 PM by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 4302013 44620 PM.bmp
4:46 PM by GulfCoastRita

5:24 PM by MV

5:58 PM Standing and Looking by elly012912

 5:58 PM Spreading Wings by MV

6:06 PM Sticking Her Foot Out by aliclaws

Fullscreen capture 4302013 61022 PM.bmp
6:10 PM BR on Nest Railing by GulfCoastRita

  Fullscreen capture 4302013 61038 PM.bmp
6:10 PM BR on Nest Railing by GulfCoastRita

6:14 BR Talons by MV

Fullscreen capture 4302013 64721 PM
6:47 PM Feeding by elly012912

6:50 PM Spagutti by GulfCoastRita 

7:57 PM Good Night by elly012912

Monday, April 29, 2013

Highlights for Monday, April 29

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Livestream crashed a little after 6:15 p.m. and remained down until 6:50 PM, causing widespread panic among hawkaholics everywhere! Fortunately, CulleyL was logged into the direct Cornell feed that goes to Livestream and could still see what was happening. Thank you Culley; you are awesome! :)

6:38 PM  CulleyL: BR is basically balancing on the pigeon, wind's trying to knock her over and she's really enjoying that pigeon!
6:44 PM  CulleyL: WOW, Now she walked over by EZ and picked up the chipmunk!
6:44 PM  CulleyL: She's standing over EZ and now taking a bite of the chipmunk! Haven't seen these behaviors before. They don't usually eat at the nest.
6:45 PM  CulleyL: EZ now standing
6:45 PM  CulleyL: EZ flew off the nest, stage right.
6:46 PM  CulleyL: BR still holding the chipmunk.
6:46 PM  CulleyL: Two of the nestlings are standing up, one's still sleeping, now s/he's up.
6:49 PM  CulleyL: BR is thinking about feeding the nestlings, but decided to brood instead.
6:49 PM  CulleyL: Feet curled, she's snuggling down over the nestlings.
6:50 PM  CulleyL: The job of brooding is a lot more difficult than it was last week.
6:50 PM  LottiesMimi: And we're back!
6:50 PM  CulleyL: As you can see, not much left of that pigeon anymore.
6:51 PM  CulleyL: Most of the pigeon feathers have blown away now.
6:51 PM  CulleyL: That was pretty strange. Haven't seen them eat that much at the nest before. Little bites, yes, but not that much.

Videos and Screenshots From Today 
(videos by ncaerie)
  1. 8:15 AM Big Red Gets An Extra Blanket For Nestlings
  2. 8:31 AM  BR Cleans the Kids Up Before Their Snack
  3. 9:31 AM Is Anyone Hungry
  4. 9:45 AM Annoying Starling Startles Big Red!
  5. 10:23 AM  An Ever Watchful BR..Cam Operator Finds Baby Talons!
  6. 11:02 AM Ezra Delivers Fresh Plucked Pigeon
  7. 11:35 AM Daddy's Home With Cuddles & Kisses!
  8. 12:32 PM Lunchtime Exchange
  9. 2:05 PM A Puddle of Babies & A Pair of Slices
  10. 2:29 PM Mom & Dad Discuss Furnishings or Neighbors?
  11. 7:00 PM Adorable to the Nth Degree
  12. 7:14 PM The Adorable Just Keeps On Coming! 
  13. 7:25 PM Dinner Time Children!

6:17 AM Feeding by aliclaws

Memory Game Screen Capture
8:00 AM by CaSkyWatcher

pretty petticoats
10:30 AM Pretty Petticoats
by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 4292013 100823 AM
11:10 AM Ez on Bradfield Antenna
by Benjammin2013

 11:34 AM by MV

Ezra comes back 4-29-13
by CLMbirds

Ezra on the nest 4-29-13
by CLMbirds

12:32 PM BR Returns by MV

BR, EZ and 2 meals awaiting!
by geralynww

Those starlings make Big Red cross-eyed!  4-29-13
by CLMbirds

BR on fledge ledge
1:21 PM BR Out on Platform Near Fledge Ledge
by grasshopper01

2:29 PM by MV

Fullscreen capture 4292013 13016 PM
2:30 PM Ez and BR Arrive Almost Simultaneously
(Ez Top Right, BR Bottom Left)
by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 4292013 13057 PM
2:30 PM by Benjammin2013

Open Up!
Open Up! by ncaerie

04292013_702PM_BR and Kids 2
7:02 PM by elly012912

by mjflan

04292013_717PM_BR and Hawklet
7:17 PM Just Sweet by elly012912

04292013_725PM_Evening Feeding
7:25 PM Evening Feeding

7:43 PM BR Settles Back in On the Babies After Feeding
and Preening Them by MV

 8:05 PM Good Night BR and Nestlings!
by elly012912

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Highlights for Sunday, April 28

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Poor Big Red seemed very agitated today, probably due to the constant annoyance from the starlings. At one point she even stuck her beak in the starling nest pipe (see screenshots below)!

Videos and Screenshots From Today:

Sorry, I was unable to provide much video coverage for most of today. The mods are checking with the Lab about providing a few videos in the 8-9 AM timeframe, including if BR was semi-mantling over the nestlings (or just stretching) and BR stealing nestling material from the starling nest pipe. All videos below are by elly012912 except for #9, which is by carrionmywaywardson. At 6:35 PM, BR screamed loudly at something overhead. We were not able to determine what it was.

  1. 6:42 AM Early Morning Ez Visits With Prey and a Stick
  2. 9:11 AM BR Out on the Fledge Ledge
  3. 9:59 AM Mid-Morning Feeding Excerpt
  4. 10:09 AM Just Hanging Out with Mom...Then Squirrel Delivery by Ez
  5. 10:29 AM BR on Alert About Something
  6. 10:53 AM Ez Delivers Branch and Gets Another Earful..About the Starlings?
  7. 11:55 AM Short Feeding Excerpt
  8. 2:03 PM BR Near the Starling Pipe
  9. --- BR Checks Out Starling Pipe
  10. 4:07 PM  Closeup of Nestlings Surrounded by Squirrel 
  11. 6:35 PM A Very Upset BR Screams at Something Overhead
  12. 6:59 PM Ez Interrupts Dinner to Drop Off More Chippie 

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 55133 AM.bmp
    5:51 AM A Special Moment Together by GulfCoastRita

    5:51 AM Group Hug by GulfCoastRita

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 74150 AM.bmp
    7:41 AM by GulfCoastRita
    so gentle
     8:21 AM by grasshopper01

    8:48 AM BR Mantle by grasshopper01

    at the starling nest
    8:53 AM BR About to Take Nesting Material
    From Starling Nest by grasshopper01

    8:56 AM Yawn/Crop Adjustment
    by grasshopper01

    balance is all important
    BR Out on Fledge Ledge
    by grasshopper01

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 91533 AM.bmp
    9:15 AM BR Warble Out on Fledge Ledge
    by GulfCoastRita

    Look Down
    9:16 AM by CaSkyWatcher

     11:48 AM by MV

    11:50 AM by MV

     1:38 PM by MV

    1:44 PM by MV

     2:00 PM by MV

     2:03 PM BR With Beak in Starling Nest Pipe by MV

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 20409 PM.bmp
    2:04 PM BR Looks in Nest Pipe
    by GulfCoastRita

    BR in the starling pipe
    2:04 PM Beak in the Starling Pipe Again
    by grasshopper01

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 20639 PM.bmp
    2:06 PM Standing Guard by GulfCoastRita

    Big Red could use her antlers to get rid of the pesky starlings 4-28-13
    Big Red Could Use Her Antlers
    to Get Rid of the Pesky Starlings
    by CLMbirds

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 30731 PM
    4:07 PM by Benjammin2013

    4:08 PM by elly012912

    4:11 PM by MV

    5:10 PM BR with Pigeon by MV

    5:25 PM Ez with Chippie by MV

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 43415 PM
    5:34 PM by Benjammin2013

    6:04 PM by MV

    6:43 PM by elly012912

     7:01 PM Ez Stops in by MV

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 60112 PM
    7:01 PM Ez Brings Another Chippie
    by Benjammin2013

    7:08 PM by aliclaws

    04282013_711PM_Evening Feeding
    7:11 PM Evening Feeding by elly012912

    7:23PM A Watchful BR by elly012912