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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Big Red and Ezra Banding Information

Last 4 digits of Ezra's number is 1866 and last 4 of BR's is 7718.

From a 2013 chat conversation with Charles Eldermire, Cornell Lab of Ornithology Multimedia Manager:

charles_cornellbirds: in both cases, the birds were banded under the permit of the Director of the Cornell Raptor Program
charles_cornellbirds: different years, in fact
charles_cornellbirds: different spots, too
charles_cornellbirds: there's a short description in the "site info" tab*
TexasWOmn: is anything documented about them and their known history, Charles?
charles_cornellbirds: not much-the banding was unremarkable, and that's about all I could find
1LadyDi: Hi Charles, do you know what years they were banded?
charles_cornellbirds: hi 1lady-both years are in the "site info" tab if you scroll down beneath the viewer *
charles_cornellbirds: I believe it was 2003 & 2006
GulfCoastRita: That was a while back, never knew that. ty Charles
1LadyDi: Wow! 10 year anniversary for one; do you know who was first?
charles_cornellbirds: BR was

Many thanks to LottiesMimi for capturing the conversation!

Cornell RTH Cam_04222012_Big Red_Ezra_Eggs_1246p
BR, 3 Eggs, Ez, 4/22/2012 by elly012912

*Updated based on info from the  allaboutbirds "Site Info" Tab

The female, nicknamed “Big Red” in honor of her alma mater, is slightly larger, with a darker head, nape and throat, and is banded on her right leg. From banding records we know she was banded in nearby Brooktondale, New York, during her first autumn in 2003, making her at least eleven years old.

The male, nicknamed “Ezra” after the co-founder of Cornell University, is banded on his left leg. He’s a bit smaller and has golden-tawny feathers on his face and head, and a paler neck than the female. He is at least nine years old and was first banded in 2006 as an adult bird on Judd Falls Road near the Cornell campus.