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Friday, April 12, 2013

Highlights for Friday, April 12


7:55 AM I said, MOVE! by elly012912

12:21 PM Ezra Poses For Photo Op (w) Stick by ncaerie

2:03 PM That's Not What I Ordered! by ncaerie 

2:23 PM Must I Do Everything Myself? by ncaerie 

6:00 PM Ezra Rings The Dinner Bell! 
6:02 PM Dinner Vole by elly012912

7:43 PM Last Shift Change of the Day
04122013_755AM Ez Squeezes by BR
7:55 AM Ez Squeezes by BR
 After being Squeezed Out of the Nest
Screenshot by elly012912

12:16 PM Ez with a Stick
Screenshot by MV

 12:26 PM BR with Bark
Screenshot by MV

Big Red fusses at Ezra (who brought shrubbery only)
BR Fusses at Ez
(who brought greenery only)
Screenshot by CLMbirds

6:02 PM Vole Delivery
Screenshot by MV

Ezra looks at the starlings
Ez Looks at the Starlings
Screenshot by CLMbirds 

7:44 PM Ez Gets Ready to Go for the Evening
Screenshot by elly012912