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Friday, April 19, 2013

Highlights for Friday, April 19

Yes, we are on Pip Watch! :) We are looking for a hole in the egg that indicates that the nestling is working its way out, sometimes over a period lasting longer than 24 hours.

Videos and Screenshots

9:02 AM Find The Hidden Objects...Eggs! 

9:53 AM Sleeping Beauty 

11:38 AM Egg Roll Time! 

12:13 PM No Sign of Hatching Yet on the Hawk Nest **

12:27 PM Back To The Bark Tree 

3:22 PM BR Increases Nest Insulation's R Factor  

6:20 PM BR Keeping the Eggs Warm and Dry in the Rain *

all videos by ncaerie
except * by elly012912
and ** Lab of Ornithology

 11:38 AM BR and Eggs
Screenshot by ncaerie

 12:28 PM BR and Eggs
Screenshot by MV

 1:07 PM Shift Change
Screenshot by MV

 1:07 PM Eggs
Screenshot by MV

pip or not
Screenshot by geralynww

sc cap ClareEliz
Screenshot by Clare Eliz

EZ very close
Ez Very Close
Screenshot by geralynww

Pip Watch
Pip Watch
Screenshot by caSkyWatcher

 3:22 PM More Bark
Screenshot by MV

 3:23 PM Ez Gets Ready to Depart
Screenshot by MV

 BR and Eggs
Screenshot by aliclaws

6:53 PM BR Drenched in Rain
Screenshot by MV 

 7:49 PM Awww, Poor BR!
Screenshot by MV