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Friday, April 26, 2013

Highlights for Friday, April 26

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Videos and Screenshots From Today

You will notice there are significantly fewer screenshots and videos today. I think Big Red heard me calling her "the best cam blocker in the world" the other day and she said, "oh yeah? You ain't seen nuthin' yet!" BR and Ez successfully hid the Ds from the prying eyes of the viewers after lunch for most of the day.

  1. 6:50 AM Ez Brings Flowers
  2. 8:26 AM Ezra Brings In the Groceries
  3. 9:05 AM A Bowl Full Of Squirmers
  4. 11:17 AM Let The Games Begin ncaerie
  5. 11:20 AM Lunch Time At Cornell
  6. 1:00 PM Ezra's Contentment
  7. 5:56 PM Lots of Orders for Ez! elly012912
  8. 7:19 PM First View of Kids Since Lunch elly012912
  9. 7:30 PM BR Drops Off Squirrel elly012912
  10. 7:38 PM Evening Exchange elly012912

04262013_651AM_Ez Brings Flowers
6:50 AM Ez Brings Flowers by elly012912

11:18 AM by MV

12:38 PM by MV

12:43 PM Mr. Poofy (aka Ezra) Feeds the Kids by sebourne

12:55 PM Brooding Ezra May See BR Above by sebourne

6:44 PM BR Giving Us Her
"I'm Not Showing You the Kids" Face
by elly012912

04262013_719PM_BR Warbles and Gets Ready to Take Off
7:19 PM BR Warbles and Gets Ready to Take Off
by elly012912

04262013_729PM_BR Drops Off Squirrel
7:29 BR Drops Off Squirrel by elly012912

7:35 PM Check Out the Feet! LOL by sebourne

04262013_740PM_Ez About to Depart for the Evening
7:40 Ez Gets Ready to Leave for the Evening
by elly012912

04262013_741PM_A Little Evening Feeding Before Bed 2
7:43 PM A Little Evening Feeding Before Bed
by elly012912