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Monday, April 1, 2013

Highlights for Monday, April 1


 7:54 AM Bold Starlings by elly012912

11:43 AM Closeups of Ez and Other PTZ Cam Views by elly012912

3:48 PM Blustery Exchange by elly012912

5:12 PM Just Can't Get This Nest Exactly Right

See today's other blog post for a special video by ncaerie!
Raindrop Again Obscures our View, 8:00 AM
Screenshot by Aliclaws

Ezra Closeup, 11:46 AM
Screenshot by MV

BR's Twig Trees
According to Charles Eldermire, 11:52 AM
Screenshot by GulfCoastRita

BR's Tail, 11:56 AM
Screenshot by MV
BR Wrestles Bark, 4:25 PM
Screenshot by MV

BR and 3 eggs, 4:57 PM
Screenshot by Aliclaws

Changing of the tails
Changing of the Tails
Screenshot by CLMbirds

Late Snack Delivery, 7:07 PM
Screenshot by MV