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Monday, April 15, 2013

Highlights for Monday, April 15

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  • Updated Posts Today: Nest Location Info (added 5 pictures from the Lab)

Videos and Screenshots:

8:38 AM Catch Me If You Can! 

9:17 AM Ezra Delivers Squirrel! 

10:12 AM Big Red Brings Nest Reinforcement 

3:52 PM Big Red Departs; Ezra Gets Time On Nest 

--- Nothing Escapes Ezra's Keen Eye! 

6:24 PM BR Arrives With Critter, Leaves With Critter

7:20 PM Windy Last Exchange of the Evening*

All videos by ncaerie except for *elly012912

 6:41 AM Ez Settles In
For His First Shift of the Day 
Screenshot by aliclaws

6:53 AM BR Returns
Screenshot by Aliclaws

Big Red with her eyes closed
BR with Eye Closed
Screenshot by CLMbirds

10:01 AM Ez Brings a Stick
Screenshot by MV

10:08 AM BR's Wing
Screenshot by MV

 2:53 PM BR Warble
Screenshot by MV

the nest cup deepens
3:57 PM The Nest Cup Deepens
Screenshot by grasshopper01

EZ head shot
Screenshot by geralynww

 6:25 PM BR Stops By With Her Food,
Then Flies Off Again
Screenshot by MV

04152013_720PM_BR Returns
7:20 PM BR Returns For the Evening
Screenshot by elly012912

041152013_720PM_Ez It's a bit windy
7:20 PM Oops, Ez It's a Bit Windy!
Screenshot by elly012912

04152013_721PM_BR Curling Talons
7:21 PM BR Curling Her Talons as She
Gets Ready to Roll the Eggs
Screenshot by elly012912

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