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Monday, April 22, 2013

Highlights for Monday, April 22

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The 1st nestling of 2013, "D1", was seen on cam at 6:06 AM! 
Welcome, little one! :)

Screenshot by Grandad Rufus

Video by elly012912

And "D2" was seen coming out of his/her shell at 7:06 AM! 

Welcome D2!  :)

D1 and D2 just coming out  
Screenshot by geralynww

Video by elly012912

7:16 AM BR Drops Off Vole and Departs by elly012912

7:23 AM D1 and D2 and Egg 3 with Dad by elly012912

8:22 AM Big Red Makes Nestlings Comfy by ncaerie

9:10 AM Two Precious Earth Day Gifts by ncaerie

9:20 AM Baby Flops Backward by ncaerie

10:44 AM Ezra Has A Fondness For Snakes? by ncaerie

11:06 AM BR Drops Off Stick Takes Vole With Her by ncaerie

11:36 AM Ezra Loves His Caregiver Role! by ncaerie

12:14 PM D1 & D2 Get First Meal...Nutritious Snake! by ncaerie

2:37 PM Hilarious...Feeding, Falling, & Sp'ugh'utti by ncaerie

4:48 PM Possible Pip & Some Unique Wrestling Moves by ncaerie

6:20 PM Evening D1 and D2 Cutie Closeup with BR by elly012912

6:57 PM More Snake is Delivered, BR Departs with It by elly012912

7:18 PM Another Hilarious Evening Exchange
Between Ez and BR by elly12912

  Deep breath!
7:06 AM by oldbeak

Fullscreen capture 4222013 81957 AM
8:19 AM by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 4222013 82034 AM
8:20 AM D3 is Still in Egg
Screenshot by Benjammin2013

D-1 and D-2 checking out the nest
8:20 AM Checking Out the Nest
by RedTail Rhumba

 8:25 AM by 1claude

Peek-A-Boo 22 Apr 2013_09-12-56 photo Peek-A-Boo22Apr2013_09-12-56.jpg
9:12 AM Peek-a-Boo
by Grandad Rufus

Hatchlings 22 Apr 2013_09-14-37 photo Hatchlings22Apr2013_09-14-37.jpg
9:14 AM by Grandad Rufus

Egg tooth
9:17 AM Egg Tooth by grasshopper01

D1 & D2
9:19 AM by CaSkyWatcher

D1 and D2
9:22 AM by grasshopper01

Baby Back Flip
Baby Backflip by ncaerie

Ezra adds snake to larder of vole(s), one of the D's looks up
Snake Added to Larder of Voles
by CLMBirds

peek a boo
11:39 AM Peek-a-Boo by grasshopper01

very first meal
12:12 PM First Meal by grasshopper01

12:17 PM Feeding by MV
12:19 PM Feeding by MV

Yummy! by ncaerie

1:18 PM by grasshopper01 

second feeding time 2
2:37 PM Second Feeding Time 
by RedTailRhumba

 2:43 PM Don't Know How Feet Work Yet
by aliclaws

 2:46 PM by aliclaws

second feeding, vole
2:44 PM Second feeding, vole
by grasshopper01

I Think I Can ...I Think I Can  
I think I can, I think I ncaerie
BRs close-up
3:00 PM BR by RedTailRhumba 

 3:14 PM by MV

5:16 PM Family Portrait by sebourne

 5:17 PM Looks like Pip #3!
by grasshopper01

6:20 PM by SkyOfBirds

04-22-2013 18:57
6:57 PM Mom? Dad? by LottiesMimi

6:59 PM by sebourne

04222013_701PM_D1 and D2 and Egg 3
7:01 PM D1, D2, and Egg #3
by elly01912

04222013_707PM_The View We Get of Ez Feeding the Kids 2
7:07 PM View We Get of Ez 
Feeding the Kids 
by elly01912 

04222013_719PM_BR on a Missiion to Make Ez Move Off the Nest
7:19 PM BR on a Mission to Make
Ezra Move Off the Nest
by elly012912

04222013_720PM_Ez Takes Off and BR Settles In
7:20 PM Ezra Takes Off 
and BR Settles In For the Night 
by elly012912

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