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Monday, April 29, 2013

Highlights for Monday, April 29

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Livestream crashed a little after 6:15 p.m. and remained down until 6:50 PM, causing widespread panic among hawkaholics everywhere! Fortunately, CulleyL was logged into the direct Cornell feed that goes to Livestream and could still see what was happening. Thank you Culley; you are awesome! :)

6:38 PM  CulleyL: BR is basically balancing on the pigeon, wind's trying to knock her over and she's really enjoying that pigeon!
6:44 PM  CulleyL: WOW, Now she walked over by EZ and picked up the chipmunk!
6:44 PM  CulleyL: She's standing over EZ and now taking a bite of the chipmunk! Haven't seen these behaviors before. They don't usually eat at the nest.
6:45 PM  CulleyL: EZ now standing
6:45 PM  CulleyL: EZ flew off the nest, stage right.
6:46 PM  CulleyL: BR still holding the chipmunk.
6:46 PM  CulleyL: Two of the nestlings are standing up, one's still sleeping, now s/he's up.
6:49 PM  CulleyL: BR is thinking about feeding the nestlings, but decided to brood instead.
6:49 PM  CulleyL: Feet curled, she's snuggling down over the nestlings.
6:50 PM  CulleyL: The job of brooding is a lot more difficult than it was last week.
6:50 PM  LottiesMimi: And we're back!
6:50 PM  CulleyL: As you can see, not much left of that pigeon anymore.
6:51 PM  CulleyL: Most of the pigeon feathers have blown away now.
6:51 PM  CulleyL: That was pretty strange. Haven't seen them eat that much at the nest before. Little bites, yes, but not that much.

Videos and Screenshots From Today 
(videos by ncaerie)
  1. 8:15 AM Big Red Gets An Extra Blanket For Nestlings
  2. 8:31 AM  BR Cleans the Kids Up Before Their Snack
  3. 9:31 AM Is Anyone Hungry
  4. 9:45 AM Annoying Starling Startles Big Red!
  5. 10:23 AM  An Ever Watchful BR..Cam Operator Finds Baby Talons!
  6. 11:02 AM Ezra Delivers Fresh Plucked Pigeon
  7. 11:35 AM Daddy's Home With Cuddles & Kisses!
  8. 12:32 PM Lunchtime Exchange
  9. 2:05 PM A Puddle of Babies & A Pair of Slices
  10. 2:29 PM Mom & Dad Discuss Furnishings or Neighbors?
  11. 7:00 PM Adorable to the Nth Degree
  12. 7:14 PM The Adorable Just Keeps On Coming! 
  13. 7:25 PM Dinner Time Children!

6:17 AM Feeding by aliclaws

Memory Game Screen Capture
8:00 AM by CaSkyWatcher

pretty petticoats
10:30 AM Pretty Petticoats
by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 4292013 100823 AM
11:10 AM Ez on Bradfield Antenna
by Benjammin2013

 11:34 AM by MV

Ezra comes back 4-29-13
by CLMbirds

Ezra on the nest 4-29-13
by CLMbirds

12:32 PM BR Returns by MV

BR, EZ and 2 meals awaiting!
by geralynww

Those starlings make Big Red cross-eyed!  4-29-13
by CLMbirds

BR on fledge ledge
1:21 PM BR Out on Platform Near Fledge Ledge
by grasshopper01

2:29 PM by MV

Fullscreen capture 4292013 13016 PM
2:30 PM Ez and BR Arrive Almost Simultaneously
(Ez Top Right, BR Bottom Left)
by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 4292013 13057 PM
2:30 PM by Benjammin2013

Open Up!
Open Up! by ncaerie

04292013_702PM_BR and Kids 2
7:02 PM by elly012912

by mjflan

04292013_717PM_BR and Hawklet
7:17 PM Just Sweet by elly012912

04292013_725PM_Evening Feeding
7:25 PM Evening Feeding

7:43 PM BR Settles Back in On the Babies After Feeding
and Preening Them by MV

 8:05 PM Good Night BR and Nestlings!
by elly012912