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Monday, April 8, 2013

Highlights for Monday, April 8


10:35 AM Changing Places

11:10 AM Big Red Has An Urgent Matter Requiring Attention!

12:27 PM Ezra Makes Adjustments 

12:55 PM Beautiful Exchange 

3:50 PM Big Red Gives Eggs Cooling Off Period 

4:03 PM BR Needs Another Break 

*4:29 PM BR Exits Via "Hidey Hole" 

*4:39 PM Ez Closeup 

5:09 PM BR Has Been Stripping Trees Again!

Big Red Startled in Mid-Warble

All videos by ncaerie except:
* elly012912
** carrionmywaywardson

 Starling carries fecal sac from hatchlings
Screenshot by ncaerie

 12:57 PM, Ez leaving nest
Screenshot by MV

Big Red in a stretch (4-8-13)
BR Mantling
Screenshot by CLMbirds

  3:30 PM, Vole for BR
Screenshot by GulfCoastRita

 4:14 PM, BR
Screenshot by MV 

 4:28 PM, BR leaving via hidey hole
Screenshot by MV 

 4:40 PM, Ez
Screenshot by grasshopper01

04082013_440PM EDT_Ezra 2
4:40 PM, Ez
Screenshot by elly012912

 4-8-13 Ez tail closeup courtesy of charles, nice subterminal band 4-40pm NT 
Ez's Tail Subterminal Band
Screenshot by Benjammin2013

 5:10 PM BR with bark
Screenshot by MV

 7:19 PM BR
Screenshot by mjflan