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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Highlights for Saturday, April 13

Some of the mods were trying out their new PTZ cam capabilities today so we got tons of great views! gpeterson, LottiesMimi, and of course CulleyL did a fabulous job at the controls. Thank you! (Apologies if I missed anyone.)

See the updated post on Nest Location Info for gpeterson's tour of the nest area. It is very long but gives you a good idea of some places the cam can go!

by elly012912

7:17 AM Ez Just Being Cute While Watching Starlings

10:10 AM Ez Delivers Vole But Gets Kicked Off
Again After A Few Minutes

1:04 PM More Handsomeness from Mr. Handsome

1:33 PM Ez Tries to Help BR with Bark

5:37 PM Beautiful BR Closeup 

6:10 PM Super Ez, Super Closeup 
Screenshot by sebourne
12:42 PM BR Preening
Screenshot by MV

04132013_1:06 PM_Ez
1:06 PM Ezra
Screenshot by elly012912

1:34 BR Arrives with Bark
Screenshot by MV

1:35 PM Ez Tries to Help
Screenshot by sebourne

04132013_1:35 PM_BR Curled Talon
1:35 PM BR with Curled Talons
Screenshot by elly012912

 1:35 BR with the Eggs
Screenshot by sebourne 

1:37 PM BR Getting That Bark to Behave
Screenshot by elly012912

3:02 PM Ez Yawns or Adjusts Crop
Screenshot by MV 

5:32 BR Tail Closeup
Screenshot by MV 

4-13-13 BR with Starling on rail 5-40pm NT
 5:40 PM BR with Starling on Rail
Screenshot by Benjammin2013

Screenshot by aliclaws

5:42 PM BR
Screenshot by elly012912

4-13-13 BR full body closeup 5-43pm NT
5:43 PM BR
Screenshot by Benjammin2013

5:48 PM Dinner Delivery
Screenshot by MV

4-13-13 Ez extreme closeup of face courtesy of LC 6-05pm NT
6:05 PM Extreme Closeup of Ez
Screenshot by Benjammin2013

6:14 PM Ez
Screenshot by elly012912

Screenshot by DayAtTheBeach 

04132013_730PM_Ez helps with one final evening bark adjustment
7:30 PM Ez Helps with One Final Bark
Adjustment for the Evening

Screenshot by elly012912

 8:06 PM Good night BR
Screenshot by MV