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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Highlights for Saturday, April 20

A dent (not officially confirmed by the Lab) in one of
the eggs was seen at 4:07 PM. What do you think?
Screenshot and video by elly012912

04202013_407PM_Dent in Egg

Other Screenshots and Videos
From Today:

7:30 AM BR Stops By, Observes
Starling Shenanigans, Leaves  

7:33 AM Ez Rolls Eggs, No Pip

7:39 AM BR Brings Snake and Caches It In Nest

9:44 AM Exchange and Egg Closeup

10:54 AM BR Departs, Egg Views, Ez Arrives

11:43 AM Gorgeous, Sleepy Ezra

4:07 PM Indent on One of the Eggs

6:48 PM Ezra Delays Departure*

all videos by elly012912
except for * by ncaerie

04202013_730AM_BR stops in and checks on the nest and Ezra
7:30 AM BR Stops By to Check on Ezra
Screenshot by elly012912

EZ rolls the eggs
Ez Rolls the Eggs
Screenshot by RedTailRhumba

Big Red and Ezra Portrait  (4-20-13) 
BR and Ez Portrait
Screenshot by CLMbirds

7:41 AM BR Has Brought a
Dead Snake to the Nest

Screenshot by grasshopper01

04202013_944AM_Ez Tail Closeup
9:44 AM Ez's Tail
Screenshot by elly012912

04202013_944AM_Ez Pantaloons
9:44 AM Ez's Pantaloons
Screenshot by elly012912

04202013_944AM_Ez in Front, BR Talon in Back, and Eggs
9:44 AM Ez in Front, BR in Back, and Eggs
Screenshot by elly012912

Pip Watch 11am 20 Apr 2013
11:00 AM Pip Watch
Screenshot by CaSkyWatcher

11:53AM BR Takes Away Snake
She Brought Earlier

Screenshot by MV

11:50 AM Ezra
Screenshot by elly012912

1:37 BR Leaves with Pigeon Ez Brought Her
Screenshot by MV
2:19 PM BR's Tail
Screenshot by MV

 2:44 PM Ez's Fanned Tail on Flyoff
Screenshot by MV 

4:25 PM Ez Brings Back Stick
Screenshot by MV

BR beauty shot
BR Beauty Shot
Screenshot by geralynww

7:48 PM BR Shoves Ez Off the Eggs
Screenshot by MV

7:51 PM Good Night Ez
Screenshot by MV

7:56 PM Good Night BR
Screenshot by elly012912