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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Highlights for Saturday, April 27

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Videos and Screenshots From Today
(Videos by elly012912)

  1. 6:04 AM Ez Prods BR Out of Nest With a Stick
  2. 6:25 AM Beautiful BR in the Morning Sun Tells Ez To Give the Up the Nest
  3. 7:13 AM BR Feeds and We Actually Get to See the Nestlings
  4. 10:20 AM Nice Closeup of the Ds
  5. 10:43 AM Ez Hangs Out with the Nestlings
  6. 11:17 AM BR Returns From Bath and Announces That Ez Can Go Now..Hint, Hint
  7. 11:30 AM Early Lunchtime
  8. 12:22 PM Our Noontime Closeup
  9. 12:38 PM Ez Watches Over the Kids Until He Gets Other Instructions from BR
  10. 1:08 PM Vole Delivery (and More Instructions from BR)
  11. 1:23 PM Afternoon Snuggly Naptime in the Sun
  12. 1:56 PM Hanging Out Under Mom's Beautiful Feathers
  13. 2:21 PM Ez Tries to Brood Squirmy Kids
  14. 2:48 PM Vole, It's What's for Lunch
  15. 3:35 PM Beautiful BR and Her Babies in the Late Afternoon Sun
  16. 5:29 PM BR Takes a Couple Breaks Out on the "Fledge Ledge"
  17. 6:12 PM White Fluffball Closeup
  18. 7:25 PM Beautiful Evening Feeding

04272013_604AM_Ez Prods BR Out of Nest With Stick>
6:04 AM Ez Prods BR out of Nest with a Stick
by elly012912

04272013_714AM_Nestling Toesies
7:14 AM Nestling Toesies by elly012912

sleeping blissfully among fresh greens
8:43AM by geralynww

04272013_903AM_BR's Pretty Red Tail Fanned
9:03 AM BR Fans Her Pretty Red Tail
by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 4272013 122630 PM
12:26 PM by elly012912

12:27 PM by MV

Fullscreen capture 4272013 10751 PM.bmp
1:07 PM Teeth Showing on Prey by GulfCoastRita

1:50 PM by MV

Fullscreen capture 4272013 15307 PM
1:53 PM by elly012912

04272013_229PM_Ezra Brooding
2:29 PM Ez Brooding by elly012912 

2:32 PM Ez Grooming the Kids by MV
2:44 PM by MV

04272013_342PM_Beautiful BRand Kids
3:42 PM Beautiful BR and Kids by elly012912

proud mama
3:50 PM Proud Mama by grasshopper01

Big Red with young one peeking 4-27-13
by CLMbirds

3:56 PM by MV

5:34 PM BR on Fledge Ledge by MV

5:37 PM by aliclaws

6:13 PM Fuzzballs by elly012912

6:32 PM by MV

7:27 PM by MV

7:36 PM by sebourne
04272013_739PM_Evening Feeding
7:39 PM by elly012912

04272013_754PM_BR and Kids
7:54 PM BR and the Ds
by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 4272013 80203 PM
8:03 PM by elly012912
Fullscreen capture 4272013 81157 PM.bmp
 8:11 PM by GulfCoastRita