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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Highlights for Saturday, April 6


by elly012912

6:57 AM The Breakfast Order

8:59 AM Ez brings Huge Breakfast for BR

3:34 PM Beautiful Warbles and a Mantle from BR

3:41 PM Mr. Feather Face Arrives

4:44 PM Lots of Instructions from BR  

 1:26 PM BR
Screenshot by MV

 3:39 PM BR Looks Around
Screenshot by MV

04-04-2013 - BR - Single-wing Mantle
3;39 PM BR Mantle
Screenshot by LottiesMimi

 3:39 BR Warble
Screenshot by MV

3:42 PM Ez
Screenshot by MV

 4:45 PM BR Returns to Nest
Screenshot by MV

04-06-2013 - BR's white feather back of head
BR's White Feather Back of Head
Screenshot by LottiesMimi

 5:44 PM BR Curling Talon
Screenshot by MV

04062013_744PM_Good Night BR 
7:44 PM Good night BR
Screenshot by elly012912