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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Highlights for Sunday, April 14

Videos and Screenshots:

7:38 AM Tucking in the Bark Together
12:00 PM Noon Closeup of Ezra  

3:47 PM 3 Eggs in the Sun 

6:10 PM BR Returns from Stikea

04142013_9:33 AM_Ez and BR Tucking In Bark Together
7:38 AM Ez and BR Tuck in Bark Together
Screenshot by elly012912

Portrait of Ezra (4-14-13_
Portrait of Ezra
Screenshot by CLMbirds

Ezra's Tail Fanned Closed
To Keep Drafts Out
Screenshot by sebourne

 12:56 PM BR Returns
Screenshot by MV

 12:57 PM BR
Screenshot by MV

 12:58 PM BR's Tail
Screenshot by MV

 3:50 PM EZ
Screenshot by MV

6:11 PM Ez Flies Off
Screenshot by MV

 6:32 PM BR Preening
Screenshot by Aliclaws