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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Highlights for Sunday, April 21

At 8:23 AM we finally got a view of one cratered egg in the back and one pipping egg in the front!

PIP PIP horray!
Screenshot by RedTailRhumba

Video by elly012912

This was also our first view of a beak moving in the pip hole, although there would be clearer pictures later on.

 10:47 AM
Screenshot by jblackster

But, to begin at the beginning of the day,
very early on the starlings started being quite obnoxious. Ezra walked over to the starling pipe and looked in....

Ez peeking in the Starling pipe  
Screenshot by grasshopper01 

BR was also numbering the starlings' days:

Video by elly012912

As mentioned earlier, we got our first view of the pipped and cratered eggs at 8:23 AM. It is not possible here to show everyone's photos of the day, especially duplicates, but many thanks to everyone who takes screenshots and videos. Please visit the Photostreams page to see individual photo account links. And if you are on Flickr, don't forget to add your photos to the Cornell Bird Cams pool.

04212013_905AM_2nd View of Pip
9:05 AM by elly012912

Pip Peek 11:40am 21 Apr 2013
11:40 AM by CaSkyWatcher

8:23 AM 1st Pip View   

9:05 AM 2nd View of Pip

10:14 AM Egg Roll and Peeping!  

10:47 AM Nibbles of Encouragement 

10:47 AM  Beginning to Hatch 

11:40 AM Ezra Arrives To Take Over Hatch Duty by ncaerie

12:55 PM Close-up Egg View and Cheeping by elly012912

2:20 PM BR Returns, Gives Ez the Talon
Push Off, Quick Pip Look by elly012912 

 2:52 PM Snake Delivery and Pip Views by elly012912

3:29 PM  BR, A Little Beak, and a Wiggly New Toy! by ncaerie

3:31 PM Big Red Toys With The Snake by ncaerie

4:44 PM Brief Look At Hatching Progress by ncaerie

5:45 PM Irresistibly Beautiful MomTo-Be by ncaerie

6:38 PM BR Up for a Moment, Brief View of Eggs by elly012912

6:47 PM Closeup Egg View While BR Finishes Snake by elly012912

7:36 PM Ez Delivers Vole for Expectant Mama by elly012912 

8:02 PM BR Returns for the Night, Kicks Ez Off (Again) by elly012912

A Look of Love
A Look of Love
Screenshot by ncaerie

Nestling To-Be  
Nestling to Be
Screenshot by ncaerie

04212013_221PM_Pipped Egg
2:21 PM Pipped Egg
Screenshot by elly012912

egg pip and crack.
2:53 PM Egg Pip and Crack
Screenshot by RedTailRhumba

Fullscreen capture 4212013 15510 PM
3:10 PM Ez Waiting to See if BR is
Leaving or Staying with Snake Lunch

Screenshot by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 4212013 22958 PM
 3:29 PM BR Already Wanting to Feed
the Not Yet Hatched Nestlings
Screenshot by Benjammin2013 
Fullscreen capture 4212013 23029 PM
3:30 PM BR Doing Talon Tuck
Screenshot by Benjammin2013 

 BR Screenshot by mjflan

 Ez on Rt 366 This Afternoon
Photo by sully7140 

6:48 PM by MV 

 7:37 PM Ez Arrives
Screenshot by MV

 7:37 PM Ez
Screenshot by MV

 8:05 PM BR Settles In,
Ez Gets Ready to Fly Off
Screenshot by elly012912

Good Night Ez, BR, and Nestlings to Be! 

 Today's BOG Hawk Chalk
Photo by sully7140