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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Highlights for Sunday, April 28

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Poor Big Red seemed very agitated today, probably due to the constant annoyance from the starlings. At one point she even stuck her beak in the starling nest pipe (see screenshots below)!

Videos and Screenshots From Today:

Sorry, I was unable to provide much video coverage for most of today. The mods are checking with the Lab about providing a few videos in the 8-9 AM timeframe, including if BR was semi-mantling over the nestlings (or just stretching) and BR stealing nestling material from the starling nest pipe. All videos below are by elly012912 except for #9, which is by carrionmywaywardson. At 6:35 PM, BR screamed loudly at something overhead. We were not able to determine what it was.

  1. 6:42 AM Early Morning Ez Visits With Prey and a Stick
  2. 9:11 AM BR Out on the Fledge Ledge
  3. 9:59 AM Mid-Morning Feeding Excerpt
  4. 10:09 AM Just Hanging Out with Mom...Then Squirrel Delivery by Ez
  5. 10:29 AM BR on Alert About Something
  6. 10:53 AM Ez Delivers Branch and Gets Another Earful..About the Starlings?
  7. 11:55 AM Short Feeding Excerpt
  8. 2:03 PM BR Near the Starling Pipe
  9. --- BR Checks Out Starling Pipe
  10. 4:07 PM  Closeup of Nestlings Surrounded by Squirrel 
  11. 6:35 PM A Very Upset BR Screams at Something Overhead
  12. 6:59 PM Ez Interrupts Dinner to Drop Off More Chippie 

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 55133 AM.bmp
    5:51 AM A Special Moment Together by GulfCoastRita

    5:51 AM Group Hug by GulfCoastRita

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 74150 AM.bmp
    7:41 AM by GulfCoastRita
    so gentle
     8:21 AM by grasshopper01

    8:48 AM BR Mantle by grasshopper01

    at the starling nest
    8:53 AM BR About to Take Nesting Material
    From Starling Nest by grasshopper01

    8:56 AM Yawn/Crop Adjustment
    by grasshopper01

    balance is all important
    BR Out on Fledge Ledge
    by grasshopper01

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 91533 AM.bmp
    9:15 AM BR Warble Out on Fledge Ledge
    by GulfCoastRita

    Look Down
    9:16 AM by CaSkyWatcher

     11:48 AM by MV

    11:50 AM by MV

     1:38 PM by MV

    1:44 PM by MV

     2:00 PM by MV

     2:03 PM BR With Beak in Starling Nest Pipe by MV

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 20409 PM.bmp
    2:04 PM BR Looks in Nest Pipe
    by GulfCoastRita

    BR in the starling pipe
    2:04 PM Beak in the Starling Pipe Again
    by grasshopper01

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 20639 PM.bmp
    2:06 PM Standing Guard by GulfCoastRita

    Big Red could use her antlers to get rid of the pesky starlings 4-28-13
    Big Red Could Use Her Antlers
    to Get Rid of the Pesky Starlings
    by CLMbirds

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 30731 PM
    4:07 PM by Benjammin2013

    4:08 PM by elly012912

    4:11 PM by MV

    5:10 PM BR with Pigeon by MV

    5:25 PM Ez with Chippie by MV

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 43415 PM
    5:34 PM by Benjammin2013

    6:04 PM by MV

    6:43 PM by elly012912

     7:01 PM Ez Stops in by MV

    Fullscreen capture 4282013 60112 PM
    7:01 PM Ez Brings Another Chippie
    by Benjammin2013

    7:08 PM by aliclaws

    04282013_711PM_Evening Feeding
    7:11 PM Evening Feeding by elly012912

    7:23PM A Watchful BR by elly012912