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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Highlights for Sunday, April 7


7:39 AM Ez with a Stick, BR with a Warble by elly012912

8:39 AM BR's Breakfast is Announced By BR and Delivered by Ez by elly012912

9:30 AM Sleepy Ez by elly012912

12:54 PM Windy Lunch Delivery by elly012912

1:40 PM Big Red Dislodges Ezra! by ncaerie

4:08 PM Beautiful Views of BR while she waits for Ez to move by elly012912

5:24 PM Gorgeous Mantle, Warbles, and Stretches from BR by elly012912

6:30 PM Contemplation by ncaerie
6:43 PM Preen, Stretch, & A Little Red-Tail Rumba by ncaerie

7:32 PM More Pretty Stretches from BR
 8:40 AM Pigeon for BR
Screenshot by GulfCoastRita

 10:44 BR Returns from Stickea
Screenshot by MV

 3:13 BR Adjusts Sticks
Screenshot by MV

 3:30 PM Vole for BR
Screenshot by GulfCoastRita

 3:30 PM Ezra
Screenshot by MV

  3:46 Ezra "smiling"
Screenshot by grasshopper01

  04072013_629PM_BR looking up
6:29 PM BR looking up
Screenshot by elly012912

04072013_732PM_BR floofy warble 2
7:32 PM BR Floofy Warble
Screenshot by elly012912

04072013_732PM EDT_BR
7:32 PM BR
Screenshot by elly012912

04072013_734 PM EDT_BR mantle 2
7:34 PM BR Mantle
Screenshot by elly012912