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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Highlights for Thursday, April 11


9:58 AM Breakfast Critter Delivered! by ncaerie 

10:16 AM Big Red Wastes No Time Returning by ncaerie

11:32 AM Vole On The Menu!' 
--- Shift Change 
by carrionmywaywardson

12:45 PM BR Makes 'Grand Entrance' Thru Hidey Hole! by ncaerie 

3:30 PM BR Closeup by elly012912

5:23 PM Squeeze Play by ncaerie

7:26 PM Late Treat and Shift Change by elly012912
Ezra Brings Big Red Prey in the Rain
Lab of Ornithology

 10:59 BR Tucked In During Spring Shower
Screenshot by MV

11:30 Vole Delivery
Screenshot by MV

 12:43 Ez Gets Up for BR's Stick Placement
Screenshot by MV

4-11-13 BR rearranging a stick in the nest 2-25pm NT
2:25 PM BR Rearranges Stick
Screenshot by Benjammin2013

3:16 PM BR
Screenshot by MV

4-11-13 BR closeup of breast feathers 3-17pm NT
3:17 BR Closeup of Breast Feathers
Screenshot by Benjammin2013

4:16 Ez
Screenshot by MV

4-11-13 Ez in foreground, love when they are leaning forward in prep to bolt 5-24pm NT
5:24 PM Ez Getting Ready to Fly Off
Screenshot by Benjammin2013

04112013_726PM Late Treat for BR
7:26 PM Late Treat for BR
Screenshot by elly012912

7:27 PM Ez
Screenshot by elly012912

04112013_759PM_Mr. Feather Beak Departs
7:59 PM Mr. Feather Beak Departs
Screenshot by elly012912