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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Highlights for Thursday, April 18

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Videos and Screenshots

8:21 AM BR Home Again

8:28 AM Order of the Day...Pick Up Sticks

10:52 AM Rollin' In The Wind 

11:26 AM Departure Provides Egg Close Up 

2:55 PM Ezra Gets Pushed Out Yet Again! 

4:42 PM You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby 

5:16 PM Trading Spaces & Dinner Delivery
--- shift change 
by carrionmywaywardson

6:32 PM BR Returns for the Night Shift

7:14 PM BR Feather Closeups   

8:06 AM Windblown Ez
Screenshot by aliclaws

 8:24 AM BR Egg Roll
Screenshot by aliclaws

8:25 AM Ez Back with a Stick
Screenshot by aliclaws

 11:22 AM EZ Settling on Eggs
Screenshot by MV 

 1:36 PM Shift Change
Screenshot by MV

2:37 PM BR Departs With Lunch
Brought by Ez
Screenshot by MV

 4:15 PM BR Feathers
Screenshot by aliclaws

BR close up with some greens
4:40 PM BR
Screenshot by geralynww

Fullscreen capture 4182013 44048 PM.bmp
4:40 PM BR
Screenshot by GulfCoastRita

5:11 PM Eggs and BR
Screenshot by MV 

5:11 PM BR Mantle
Screenshot by MV

Fullscreen capture 4182013 51924 PM
5:19 PM Ez Doing Some
Underwing Preening

Screenshot by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 4182013 52010 PM  
5:20 PM Ez
Screenshot by Benjammin2013 
Screenshot by CaSkyWatcher

5:47 PM Ez Egg Roll
Screenshot by aliclaws

6:32 BR Getting Settled for the Evening
Screenshot by MV

7:24 PM BR
Screenshot by elly012912

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