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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Highlights for Thursday, April 25

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Videos and Screenshots From Today

  1. 5:56 AM 3 rth nestlings, early Thursday morning ChinooksVids
  2. 6:08 AM Chippie Breakfast for the Ds
  3. 10:32 AM Chippie Snack For D1, D2, & D3
  4. ---    Feeding  carrionmywaywardson
  5. 11:10 AM Young Hawks Will Be Young Hawks ncaerie
  6. 12:09 PM Big Red Visits Snake Fil-A! ncaerie
  7. 1:04 PM Hatchling Executes A Powerful "Slice"! ncaerie
  8. 1:05 PM Sleepy Hatchlings
  9. 1:45 PM Awake and Hungry Again
  10. 3:20 PM Ezra Chooses MidAfternoon Starling Snack
  11. ---    Fuzzball Closeup  carrionmywaywardson
  12. 5:05 PM Everybody Eats Chipmunk Dinner!
  13. 6:37 PM We are Just Cute elly012912
  14. 6:53 PM Ez Expands the Larder with Pigeon

6:10 AM Ezra Gets Ready to Go by elly012912

all three okay
6:11 AM by grasshopper01

chipmunk leftovers
11:20 AM Chipmunk Leftovers by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 4252013 122839 PM
12:28 PM BR Spots Something Above While Brooding
by Benjammin2013

1:06 PM by MV

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 1.07.45 PM
1:07 PM by pbarker74

1:22 PM by MV

snake for lunch
1:47 PM Snake for Lunch by grasshopper01

3:18 PM Let Us Out Dad! by GulfCoast Rita

Ez and the Kids, by Paws 'N Portraits

04-25-2013 15:18
3:18 PM by LottiesMimi

3:24 PM Ez Feeding by MV

3:24 PM Ez Feeding by MV

Egg Teeth
3:26 PM Egg Teeth by LottiesMimi

Mommy tenderly feeding her babies
3:53 PM BR Feeding by geralynww

Adorable Little Heads and Foot!
Adorable Heads and a Foot by ncaerie

4:19 PM by MV

04252013_327PM_A D Yawn or Crop Adjustment
4:27 PM Yawn or Crop Adjustment by elly012912

4:30 PM by GulfCoastRita

4:38 PM by DayatBeach

Big Red says - time to go! 4-25-13
BR Talking to Ezra by CLMbirds

 5:09 PM by MV

04252013_643PM_3 Ds
6:43 PM 3 Ds...You Can See Eggteeth
(Two on the Right)
by elly012912