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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Highlights for Tuesday, April 16

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Videos and Screenshots:

7:25 AM I Want Bark, Not a Branch by elly012912

--- starling by nest 
by carrionmywaywardson

10:24 AM Big Red Against The Wind by ncaerie

11:57 AM Weathering The Storm by ncaerie

2:25 PM Big Red Was Furniture Shopping...Again by ncaerie

3:50 PM Three Egg Rolls by ncaerie

4:40 PM A Show of Feathers by ncaerie

5:20 PM Big Red Departing From Gate 1 by ncaerie

7:00 PM BR is Queen of the Starling Stinkeye by elly012912

04162013_725AM_BR Leaves with Unsatisfactory Greenery
7:25 AM BR Arrives and Leaves
With Unsatisfactory Greenery
Screenshot by elly012912

04162013_725AM_Ez Watches BR Leave With Unsatisfactory Greenery
7:25 AM Ezra Watches BR Leave
Screenshot by elly012912

12:32 PM BR in the Rain
Screenshot by MV

12:59 PM Vole
Screenshot by GCR 

2:22 PM BR with New Stick
Screenshot by MV

04162013_607PM_Evening Shift Change
6:07 PM Shift Change
Screenshot by elly012912 

04162013_700PM_BR gives the starlings the stinkeye
7:00 PM A Starling Gets
the Stinkeye from BR
Screenshot by elly012912

04162013_725PM_BR in the Rain Keeping the Eggs Warm
7:25 PM Another Rain Shower 
and BR Keeps Those Eggs Warm and Dry
Screenshot by elly012912

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