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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Highlights for Tuesday, April 23

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  • Updated Posts Today: Updated Differences Between Big Red and Ezra with Head-On Comparison Pic by Lotties Mimi 
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It was a beautiful day in cornellhawks land! D1 and D2 decided to embark on new careers as wrestlers or kickboxers, all while being fed as much as possible of course! Big Red finally killed a starling...not one of the "neighbors." But if I were one of her neighbors, I would get the message. And D3 seems to be tired of being left out of all the action and has decided to go ahead and "definitely" pip! Yippee!!

9:43 AM Red-Tail Rumble by ncaerie

04-23-2013 16:20
4:20 PM A Definite Pip 
in D3's Shell by Lotties Mimi

Other Videos and Screenshots from Today

7:24 AM Good Morning Bright Eyes!

8:48 AM BR Decreases The Starling Population

9:43 AM Red-Tail Rumble

11:06 AM Mom's Here For Lunch!

11:43 AM Plotting The Demise of Another Starling

1:16 PM Ezra "Sits" On This Sibling Scuffle

2:25 PM Afternoon Snack For D1 & D2

4:16 PM Cuteness Times Two 

5:17 PM Snuggle Up

6:38 PM Evening Feeding D1 and D2*

7:47 PM Help, I've Sliced and I Can't Get Up!* 

8:03 PM  Bedtime Snack for D1 and D2*

all videos by ncaerie
except * by elly012912

7:01 AM Ez Arrives by aliclaws

 7:36 AM by aliclaws

7:29 AM Breakfast Time!
by sebourne

 8:59 AM BR Brings a Big Stick
by aliclaws
Both are getting a bite from Big Red
Feeding by CLMBirds

We want food, we want food
11:08 AM We Want Food!
by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 4232013 121752 PM
12:17 PM D1 and D2 Waiting For
D3 to Come Out and Play
by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 4232013 121915 PM
12:19 PM Hawklet Got Your Wing?
by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 4232013 121929 PM
12:19 PM Turtleshelled in the Tussle
by Benjammin2013

 1:16 PM by MV

14:26 nest time feeding on 4-23-13
2:26 PM Feeding
by CLMbirds

2:26 PM One of the Ds During Feeding
and BR's Floofy Pantaloons
(and Scary Talons!) by MV

more please
3:38 PM More, Please! by grasshopper01

3:38 PM by nomibird

Big Red
3:43 PM BR by grasshopper01

04-23-2013 16:16
4:16 PM ET Phone Home
by LottiesMimi 

4:20 PM Tired Babies by MV
 4:32 Ez Arrives by MV

  6:40 PM Feeding by MV

7:47 PM Slice!
by elly012912 

04232013_811PM_D1 D2 Egg3 2
8:11 PM by elly012912 

04232013_813PM_Good Night
8:13 PM Good Night
by elly012912

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