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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Highlights for Wednesday, April 10

What a SOGGY day!!


8:17 AM Is Ez Winking at Us?

3:18 PM The Most Handsome 'Man' In Town!'

3:57 PM A Little Red-Tail Rumba & A "Crop" Rotation!

5:00 PM Not One Drop On These Eggs!  

5:30 PM Big Red or A Small Red Seal?

All videos by ncaerie 
except *elly012912
04102013_817AM EDT_Ez Winks
8:17 AM Ez Winks
Screenshot by elly012912

<04102013_1009AM EDT_BR Returns
10:09 AM BR Returns
Screenshot by elly012912

1:40 PM Ez
Screenshot by GulfCoast Rita

1:41 PM Ez Rolls Eggs
Screenshot by MV

3:14 PM Ez
Screenshot by MV

3:14 PM Ez
Screenshot by grasshopper01

5:00 PM Shift Change
Screenshot by MV

5:34 PM A Drenched BR
Screenshot by MV