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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Highlights for Wednesday, April 17

Videos and Screenshots
7:23 AM Ez Starling Watching   

10:04 AM BR Returns, Ezra Departs; No Fuss No Bother

12:33 PM Big Red Is Restless 

1:15 PM Mystery Solved 

3:58 PM Egg Roll Close-Up by ncaerie

5:20 PM Ez Perched on Bradfield Antenna by elly012912

6:36 PM Ez Gives BR One More Break Before Nightfall by elly012912

3:58 PM Egg Roll Close-up by ncaerie

04172013_723AM_Ez Watches Starlings
7:23 AM Ez Watches Starlings
Screenshot by elly012912

 12:34 PM BR
Screenshot by MV

 1:15 PM Shift Change
Screenshot by MV

 3:45 PM BR, The Golden Girl
Screenshot by grasshopper01

 3:51 The Eggs
Screenshot by MV

 3:51 PM BR Rolling Eggs
Screenshot by MV

4-17-13 BR extreme closeup with 3-4ths nictitating membrane showing 3-59pm NT
3:59 PM BR with Nicitating Membrane
Screenshot by Benjammin2013 

 4:48 PM Ez
Screenshot by grasshopper01

5:22 PM Ez on Bradfield
Screenshot by carrionmywaywardson 

6:37 PM Ez Very Focused For His Shift
Screenshot by NineMileCountry

4-17-13 Ez close up of breast feathers courtesy of GP 8-05pm NT
Ez Breastfeathers
Screenshot by Benjammin2013

4-17-13 Ez extreme close up courtesy GP 8-06pm NT
Ez Closeup
Screenshot by Benjammin2013

04172013_802PM_BR Returns
 8:02 PM BR Returns for the Evening
Screenshot by elly012912 

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