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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Highlights for Wednesday, April 24

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It was a beautiful, special day for Big Red, Ezra, D1, D2, and D3. Yes, D3 hatched around noon! :) And at 5:53 PM, we were treated to the very touching sight of Ezra shielding Big Red (while she shielded the Ds of course) from some nasty rain and hail. Precious! 

Videos and Screenshots From Today
  1. 5:53 AM Early Morning Feeding D1, D2...D3 Not Hatched Yet
  2. 6:13 AM Early Morning Snake Delivery, BR gives More Orders, Ez Leaves elly012912
  3. 7:05 AM Snake Feeding D1, D2 elly012912
  4. 8:32 AM Roly Poly Nestlings! ncaerie
  5. 9:40 AM BR Serves Snack Including The Drumstick ncaerie
  6. 10:18 AM Shift Change, Ezra Brings A Nice New Branch! ncaerie
  7. --- D3 Pip carrionmywaywardson
  8. 12:00 PM D3 Hatching carrionmywaywardson
  9. 12:00 PM D3 Has Arrived! ncaerie
  10. 1:00 PM D3 Getting Upright ncaerie
  11. 1:10 PM Ezra Loves His New Brood ncaerie
  12. 3:02 PM Ezra Delivers Reptilian Snack For BR ncaerie
  13. 4:24 PM Cheeky Starling Thief carrionmywaywardson
  14. 5:05 PM Three Little D's All In A Row ncaerie
  15. 5:15 PM Food Coma Setting In ncaerie
  16. 5:45 PM A Sudden Shower ncaerie
5:57 AM Breakfast (Vole)  for D1, D2 by sebourne

7:10 AM (After Snake, 2nd Breakfast) by sebourne

Fullscreen capture 4242013 101102 AM
11:10 AM by Benjammin2013

Two being fed, one hatching 2-14-13
by CLMbirds

Fullscreen capture 4242013 101204 AM
11:11 AM by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 4242013 101551 AM
11:15 AM D3 Pushing So Hard the Egg is Starting to Split
by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 4242013 102146 AM
11:21 AM BR Talon Tuck by Benjammin2013

11:56 AM The Other Ds Try to Help by sebourne

11:59 AM D3 Hatching by grasshopper01

11:59 AM by SkyofBirds

D3 is up!
1:01 PM D3 is Up! by grasshopper01

Ezra says hello to D3
1:09 PM Ezra Says Hello to D3 by grasshopper01

3:39 PM by MV

123 and you are out!
5:04 pm by grasshopper01

5:04 PM by MV

5:17 PM by MV

5:38 PM Chippie by grasshopper01

Loving Family Moment
6:05 PM Ezra Shields BR from Rain by geralynww

Looking out for their newborns 4-24-2013
6:06 PM by 1ladydi

 6:16 PM by aliclaws

 BR Doing a Little Post-Rain Preening by elly012912