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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Highlights for Wednesday, April 3


8:09 AM BR, Catch That Stick! by elly012912

8:21 AM Scree...Ezra or Imposter? 

 Nest Cartoon by Nomibird

 Ezra, 1:24 PM
Screenshot by MV

2:11 PM, BR gets up for exchange
Screenshot by MV

2:11 PM BR leaves with treat
Screenshot by MV

4-3-13 BR is just to precious 2-54pm NT
2:54 PM, BR is just too precious
Screenshot by Benjammin2013

 4:35 PM BR rolls eggs
Screenshot by Aliclaws

4-3-13 BR volcalizes for Ez and he came flying poss prey exchange out of cam view 4-47pm NT
5:47 PM, BR vocalizes,
possibly prey exchange off-cam
Screenshot by Benjammin2013

6:22 PM Ezra naps
Screenshot by MV

6:43 PM Ezra
Screenshot by elly012912birds

 6:59 Bye Ezra, Good night BR
Screenshot by MV

04-03-2013 - Starling with a death wish
Starling with a Death Wish
Screenshot by LottiesMimi