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Friday, April 5, 2013

Highlights for Friday, April 5


9:37 AM More Starlings Near the Nest
by carrionmywaywardson (HarryBalsak)

3:36 AM BR is Awake
Screenshot by MV

 1:43 PM BR Returns to Nest
Screenshot by MV

1:45 PM Ez Takes Off
Screenshot by grasshopper01

 3:55 PM BR Wrestles with Pine Branch
Screenshot by MV

5:26 PM Starling Checks Out Nest
Screenshot by MV

4-5-13 Ez with his black subterminal band on his tail showing (black stripe near the tip) 6-32pm NT
6:32 PM Ez's black subterminal band
on tail (black stripe near the tip)
Screenshot by Benjammin13

 7:07 PM Final Exchange for the Day
Good night BR and Ez!
Screenshot by MV