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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Highlights from Thursday, April 4


7:05 AM BR, Just Plunk The Pine Down Right on Top of Ezra  

11:10 AM Brunch and Switch 

12:09 PM A Change of Pace for Big Red, No Bark 

1:20 PM A Big Voice and an Egg Roll! 

3:00 PM Devoted, Dedicated, & Devilishly Handsome by ncaerie

  7:43 PM Late Treat Delivery and Exchange by elly012912

11:11 AM, Ezra
Screenshot by MV

4-4-13 Ez with half nictatating membrane showing 11-40am NT
11:40 AM, Ez with half-nicitating membrane showing
Screenshot by Benjammin13

1:20 PM, BR
Screenshot by ncaerie

4-4-13 BR curling her talons to protect eggs from punture 2-35pm NT 
2:35 PM, BR curling talons to protect eggs
Screenshot by Benjammin13

Ezra's tail
3:05 PM, Ezra's Tail
Screenshot by grasshopper01

4:03 PM Shift Change
Screenshot by MV

Screenshot by Aliclaws

Screenshot by Aliclaws

 8:04 PM BR returns after break
and Ez's late night snack delivery
Screenshot by MV

 8:06 PM Good night BR
Screenshot by MV