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Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 In Memory of Robert Klages (KidGos)

Beloved moderator KidGos is greatly missed this year on the Cornell Hawk Cam, especially his caring, humor, expertise, and camraderie with so many. Robert Klages passed away on November 17, 2012. You can read his obituary here.

KidGos on the left holding an adult RTHA
with juvenile retained tail feather

Direct link is here

One of our videographers, ncaerie, has made a special video in honor of KidGos. Here are her words:

"While watching the camera on Saturday, I saw a few references to KidGos picture of "The First Kiss" from last season's C1 hatch. I remember that moment vividly. I was new to the site, new to hawks, and new to recording videos. I was recording when KidGos got his screen capture and pronounced it the 'First Kiss'. Instantly I knew that I wanted to use that in a title for my very first video of BR, Ezra, and the 3 C's. So I posted my request to use it in my video, which Kid graciously granted! The original video was much too long and being new to recording I didn't have any editing software. As we begin our new season, I thought I would edit the long video down to a manageable level so that I can, once again, share one of my special memories of last season. I have dedicated this video to KidGos in appreciation for the contributions he made to my education about Red-Tailed Hawks."

First Kiss 2012 Season Special Edition
4/22/2012, 3:43 PM, by ncaerie

See Kid's chat closings in gpeterson's RTH Closing Archive.

Rest in Peace, KidGos. We miss you!

 RTHA photo by KidGos
Direct link is here

In Memory of Robert Klages, RIP Kid

There was a poet who banded birds,
He played the bard and manned the cam;

He lovingly gave the world an eye on
Eyases and BRs and Ezraesss, or so
It seemed there was more than one each
Of grown up hawk stuffing Numbers 1, 2, and 3;
So abundant was the stash of squirrels and voles 
And birds and 'munks - we all knew 
There'd be enough food for eons
And as the chat rolled by, it seemed
A whitewater river of questions, opened hearts, 
Shared recipes and hammered trolls -
And stories, all those stories
That came in short spurts on the screen about the most
Raptorous tales we all had to share.

Kid was a rhymer and I am not, but I offer these 
Words to his memory, his family, and the circle who
Connected from their hearts, through keyboards and the cam,
Meshed with the hawks and spun tendrils out again
To net us all 
Into a new love of the hawk spirit. 

Wind to your wings, Kid, 
May every thermal bring you joy.

- CLMbirds