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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mantling vs. Warbling

Big Red gets up, stretches her wings....and suddenly there is confusion. Is she mantling or warbling? This is the way I always remember it: Warbling makes a "W" shape over the bird's back. Mantling kind of makes a "M" (or 1/2 an "M").

But to be more exact, here are some definitions
from The Modern Apprentice:

Mantle: The action of stretching out the wings to hide food;

C3 Mantling
C3 Mantling, June 20, 2012
Screenshot by marcympc

 June 21, 2012
#3 mantling her chipmunk like crazy
...even though mom is just bringing her a vole
Video by elly012912

There is a secondary meaning describing the action of stretching a wing and the same side leg out to one side of the body.

04062013_BR Mantle_340PM
04062013, 3:40 PM BR Mantle
Screenshot by elly012912

Warble: The action of stretching both wings up over the back simultaneously.

04062013_BR Warble_340PM
04062013, 3:40 PM BR Warble
Screenshot by elly012912

4062013_3:34PM EDT
Beautiful Warbles and a Mantle from BR
Video by elly012912