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Friday, May 10, 2013

Highlights for Friday, May 10

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Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 7:18 AM Huge Casting elly012912
  2. 9:19 AM Vocals & A Vole? ncaerie
  3. 10:31 AM What Did You Bring Me Daddy ncaerie
  4. 10:40 AM Persistence Pays Off! ncaerie
  5. 11:19 AM Happy Mother's Day Big Red ncaerie
  6. 12:49 PM Buffet Line Is Now Open! ncaerie
  7. 1:17 PM Big Red Opens The Mombrella! ncaerie
  8. 1:30 PM Ezra Is Restocking the Pantry ncaerie
  9. 1:34 PM Mama's Feathers Look Good Enough To Eat! ncaerie
  10. 2:26 PM Hey Look At Me I'm Almost Walking! ncaerie
  11. 3:12 PM Primary Feathers On the Wings & A Big Foot ncaerie
  12. 3:46 PM Handsome Delivery Man! ncaerie
  13. 3:59 PM BR Brings Small Unidentified Bird Snack ncaerie
  14. 8:06 PM Feather Growth and an Evening Dose of Cute elly012912

Hawklet at 18 Days 10May2013_05-42-20 photo Hawkletat18Days10May2013_05-42-20.jpg
5:42 AM Hawklet at 18 Days
by Grandad Rufus

5:54 AM by Grandad Rufus

Big Red looking at the starlings 5-10-13
BR Looking at the Starlings
by CLMbirds

Fullscreen capture 10052013 141251.bmp
9:12 AM by grasshopper01

20130510-nestlings watching
by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Fullscreen capture 10052013 141631.bmp
9:16 AM by grasshopper01

A full crop
A Full Crop by oldbeak

Fullscreen capture 5102013 90114 AM
10:01 AM by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 5102013 105149 AM
11:51 AM BR Preening D1 or D2
by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 5102013 105737 AM
11:57 AM Feathers by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 5102013 121914 PM
12:19 PM BR Trying to Cover the Hawklets in the Rain
by Benjammin2013

3:13 PM Feathers by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 5102013 24847 PM
3:48 PM Ezra Looking at Starling by Benjammin2013

We have a young bark aficionado!  5-10-13
Bark Aficionado by CLMbirds

Youngster eating a leaf - getting feet involved 5-10-13
Eating a Leaf and Getting Feet Involved
by CLMbirds

Afternoon prey (around 4ish Nest Time) 5-10-13
Afternoon Prey by CLMbirds

05-10-2013 15:13 Primary Paint Brushes
3:13 PM Primary Paintbrushes by LottiesMimi

05-10-2013 15:30 Legs!
3:30 PM Legs! by LottiesMimi

05-10-2013 16:01 Lookin like flappercize
4:01 PM by LottiesMimi

 4:50 PM by MV

6:05 PM Ez Drops Off Starling by MV

6:35 PM BR on Weill by MV

Fullscreen capture 5102013 65428 PM
6:54 PM Feeding by elly012912

7:05 PM by elly012912

7:12 PM by sebourne

05102013_730PM_BR Curling Talon
7:30 PM  BR Curling Talon
by elly012912

7:44 PM BR by sebourne

Cozy Cornell RTH Nestlings 5/10/2013
by renowabbit

8:03 PM by elly012912

05102013_803PM 4
8:03 PM by elly012912

8:04 PM by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5102013 83006 PM
8:30 PM Good Night by elly012912