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Friday, May 17, 2013

Highlights for Friday, May 17

Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 6:35 AM Early Morning Exercises elly012912
  2. 7:00 AM Starling Walks Right By the Ds; BR is NOT Pleased elly012912
  3. 8:18 AM Continental Breakfast @ BR's  B&B ncaerie
  4. 9:00 AM I Can't See My Feet!...Who Took My Feet? ncaerie
  5. 10:23 AM Big Red's Morning Starling Vigil ncaerie
  6. 10:58 AM Nestling Gets A Closer Look At Starling Nest! ncaerie
  7. 11:06 AM Nestling Attempts Self Feeding ncaerie
  8. 11:54 AM Ezra Is In The House! ncaerie
  9. 12:38 PM Purple Finch Stops In to Congratulate BR & Ezra ncaerie
  10. 12:49 PM D3 Self-Feeds While Dad Attacks Starling Nest! ncaerie
  11. 1:00 PM Ezra Is An Exemplary Father ncaerie
  12. 2:02 PM Very Vocal Arrival of Big Red ncaerie
  13. 2:10 PM Snack & Clean Up Chores! ncaerie
  14. 2:49 PM Big Red On the Warpath Again! ncaerie
  15. 4:53 PM Soon I'll Be Fly-y-y-ing! ncaerie
  16. 6:32 PM D2 With a Nice Hop, Says Hi to a Starling elly012912
  17. 7:03 PM Adorable Tired Babies elly012912
  18. 8:27 PM BR Tucks in the Kids and Once Again Attempts to Brood elly012912
  19. 8:34 PM Sweet Preening Session with Mom elly012912

Hawklet at 25 Days 5:46 AM by Grandad Rufus

6:40 AM by Grandad Rufus

7:00 AM Starling Walks By the D's
by elly012912

...'Power Slice'
Power Slice by ncaerie

Daddy's home
Daddy's Home by RedTailRhumba

Self-Feeding Efforts by Whitestar0

a new visitor
12:36 PM New Nest Visitor by grasshopper01

Ezra attacks starling pipe nest
12:50 PM Ez Attacks Starling Nest Pipe by ClareEliz

Ezra attack
12:50 PM by grasshopper01

Get Him, Dad!
12:50 PM Get Him Dad! by ncaerie

One happy family
12:52 PM by RedTailRhumba

Very annoyed BR
2:51 PM Very Annoyed BR by grasshopper01

BR Ready For Action!
BR Ready for Action by ncaerie

3:19 PM by MV

I can fly!
3:19 PM I Can Fly by RedTailRhumba

D-1 (maybe), preening
3:36 PM Preening by RedTailRhumba

17 May 2013
by CaSkyWatcher

17 May 2013
by CaSkyWatcher

 6:23 PM by MV

7:03 PM by elly012912

05172013_704PM 3
7:04 PM by elly012912

7:05 PM by elly012912

7:32 PM Ez Stops By by elly012912

7:36 PM BR Stops By by elly012912

05172013_823 PM Sunset
 8:23 PM Sunset by elly0912912

05172013_828PM 1
8:28 PM Little One Peeks out While BR Settles in to Brood
by elly012912

8:30 PM Determined to Brood by elly012912

05172013_837PM Good Night 2
8:37 PM by elly012912

Sweet dreams BR.....
9:04 PM Good Night By RedTailRhumba