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Friday, May 3, 2013

Highlights for Friday, May 3

Videos and Screenshots from Today
  1. 5:58 AM Early Morning Cuteness elly012912
  2. 6:23 AM Ez Drops Feed the Kids elly012912
  3. 6:34 AM BR Does Not Want the Starllings to Bother Her Babies elly012912
  4. 7:45 AM Busy Morning For RTH Family ncaerie
  5. 9:49 AM Big Furry Snax!..Close-Up! ncaerie
  6. 10:24 AM Coming and Going! ncaerie
  7. 11:45 AM 6 Big Clown Feet Line Up For Lunch! ncaerie
  8. --- starling peeping out of pipe carrionmywaywardson
  9. 12:25 PM BR Joins Our Birdwatching Group ncaerie
  10. 12:53 PM Ezra Serves An After Lunch Snack ncaerie
  11. 1:42 PM Wow! Did You See That Thing Move? ncaerie
  12. 2:33 PM Ezra's Snake! ncaerie
  13. 3:09 PM Ezra Does A Snake Taste Test! ncaerie
  14. 3:58 PM Chow Down Little D's! ncaerie
  15. 5:15 PM Nestlings Tracking As Starlings Challenge! ncaerie
  16. --- starling getting close to chicks carrionmywaywardson
  17. 5:43 PM Starling Is After The Snake! ncaerie
  18. 6:59 PM Ez On Bradfield, Then in Nest Penthouse elly012912
  19. 7:29 PM Ez on Nest Railing, Departs When Kids are Safe with BR

5:58 AM So Sleepy by elly012912

6:35 AM BR and Ds Starling Gazing by sebourne

Sleepy hawklett on pillow brothers
by geralynww

7:42 AM Friends by Grandad Rufus

7:42 AM by grasshopper01

all in a row
9:54 AM All Three in a Row by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 532013 95614 AM
10:56 AM Ez with Sleeping Hawklets
by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 532013 110440 AM
12:04 PM Baby Talons by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 532013 113142 AM
12:31 PM BR Warble on Fledge Ledge by Benjammin2013 

Big Red is talking to Ezra about the extra large stick he brought and is messing with 5-3-13
BR Talking to Ez About Stick He Brought
and is Messing With by CLMbirds 

Fullscreen capture 532013 123737 PM
1:37 PM by Benjammin2013

Warble? Slice? 5-3-13
 Warble? Slice? by CLMbirds

 1:45 PM by Whitestar0

Something of interest up there 5-3-13
Something of Interest Up There by CLMbirds

 1:46 PM by MV

Fullscreen capture 532013 23228 PM.bmp
2:32 PM Snake Delivery by Ez
by GulfCoastRita

D-3 is a delightful 5-3-13
D3 is Delightful by CLMbirds 

Fullscreen capture 532013 33928 PM.bmp
3:39 PM BR by GulfCoastRita 

4:10 PM by aliclaws

 5:40 PM BR on Lightboxes by MV

05032013_635PM_BR Drops In From Penthouse 2
6:35 PM BR Drops In From the Penthouse
by elly012912

05032013_730PM_Ez on Railing
 7:30 PM Ez by elly012912

05032013_733PM_Ez Takes Off
7:31 PM Ez Takes Off by elly012912

 7:32 PM BR Returns from Stikea by MV

Cornell RTH nestlings 2013
Three Sleepy Nestlings by renowabbit 

7:32 PM by MV