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Friday, May 31, 2013

Highlights for Friday, May 31

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  • Other Blog Updates: Timeline updated with nestlings' first night on the nest without BR, and D1's venturing to the edge of the platform. Big day!

Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 7:44 AM BR Talks to Ez; Ez Flies Off Weill elly012912
  2. 9:22 AM Big Red Dives From Weill Hall! ncaerie
  3. 9:31 AM Morning Exercises Before Breakfast! ncaerie
  4. 9:35 AM BR Brings Home The! ncaerie
  5. 9:44 AM Big Red & Bunny Departing From Front Gate! ncaerie
  6. 11:32 AM D1 Wings His Way To The Edge of the "Ledge"! ncaerie
  7. 12:16 PM D1 Spreads Wings Before Return To Nest Cup ncaerie
  8. 1:14 PM Squirrel Arrives by Fed Ez ncaerie
  9. 3:10 PM Nice Wing Work D3 ncaerie
  10. 3:21 PM Please, Please Mommy, Please ncaerie
  11. feeding chirps carrionmywaywardson
  12. 3:52 PM D1 Version Of A Spread Eagle ncaerie
  13. 4:50 PM Unidentified Gray Bird Arrives On the Talons Of Our Ezra ncaerie
  14. 4:54 PM D1 Attempts De- Feathering Process ncaerie
  15. 6:01 PM D2 is Sooooooo Tired! elly012912
  16. 7:25 PM BR Delivers...Something; D2's Squirrel Tail Hork from 2 Cam Angles elly012912
  17. 8:06 PM Starling Waits for Ez to Leave elly012912

Aw mom, veggies?
by babynurse11

Fullscreen capture 5312013 74853 AM
7:48 AM Ez on Weill by elly012912

7:48 AM Ez Departs from Weill by grasshopper01

05312013_748AM_3_Ez Flies Off Weill
7:48 AM Ez's Wing by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5312013 104636 AM
11:46 AM by Benjammin1

Wow, is that you up there mom -D1 5-31-13
D1 by 1ladydi

by babynurse

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 12.09.38 PM
12:09 PM D1 by hawkmama

Such a hawkish pose 5-31-13
by CLMbirds

Fullscreen capture 5312013 123542 PM
12:35 PM by peakid

WINGS! 5-31-13
by CLMbirds

Fullscreen capture 5312013 11010 PM
1:10 PM by peakid

1:38 PM D1 Wing Stretch by MV

Fullscreen capture 5312013 125126 PM
1:51 PM by Benjammin1

Fullscreen capture 5312013 20306 PM
2:06 PM by peakid

Fullscreen capture 5312013 33635 PM
4:36 PM BR by Benjammin1

4:56 PM D1 Eating Mystery Bird
Ez Delivered by MV

5:59 PM D2 Napping by MV

Fullscreen capture 5312013 60344 PM
6:03 PM D2 by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5312013 60849 PM
6:08 PM D2 by elly012912

6:48 PM D2, D1, D3 from Top by MV

7:18 D3 by elly012912

7:24 PM BR Arrives with Food by MV

8:06 PM Ez Delivers Chippie by elly012912

 9:12 PM Good Night by elly012912