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Monday, May 20, 2013

Highlights for Monday, May 20

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  • Other Blog Updates: Updated Timeline with May 19 Live Prey Delivery and May 20 Self-Feeding and Mantling

Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 6:17 AM Beautiful D1 Closeup elly012912
  2. 6:55 AM Another Hilarious Oak Branch Placement by BR elly012912
  3. 8:10 AM I'm Getting My Own Breakfast ncaerie
  4. 8:35 AM Persistence Pays Off! Mom Comes To Help ncaerie
  5. 9:16 AM A Little Synchronized Tracking ncaerie
  6. 9:25 AM A Peach Colored Collar & A Cute Wing Stretch ncaerie
  7. 9:48 AM Cooling Wingspread ncaerie
  8. 10:28 AM With A Little Help From My Sib ncaerie
  9. 10:46 AM Get That Starling, Mom! ncaerie
  10. 10:50 AM Big Red's Starling Attack from Cam 1 ncaerie
  11. 11:54 AM Lunch Is Here! & Nestling Mantles! ncaerie
  12. --- Nestling Struggles with Rear of Rabbit carrionmywaywardson
  13. 12:10 PM D2 Says I Really Want One Of Those Birds ncaerie
  14. 1:12 PM Starling Becomes Agitated ncaerie
  15. 1:45 PM D1 Tackles Chippie ncaerie
  16. 3:06 PM Ezra Skids To A Landing With Prey In Tow! ncaerie
  17. --- trying to gulp a chippie and starling action carrionmywaywardson
  18. 4:06 PM Hearty Meal For Hungry Hawks! ncaerie
  19. 5:47 PM D3 Close Up Shots ncaerie
  20. 7:00 PM Starling Watching and Mom Brings a Stick elly012912
  21. 8:12 PM Evening Wings from Everyone elly012912

05202013_557AM D1 Warble<
5:57 AM D1 Warble by elly012912

RT Hawklet
Closeup of D1 by oldbeak

05202013_618 AM_1_D1
6:18 AM D1 by elly012912

05202013_655AM_BR Places Stick on D3
6:50 AM BR Places Oak Leaves on D3
by elly012912
Self Feeding - 20 May 2013
8:08 AM D1 Self-Feeding by CaSkyWatcher

Big Red wants those darn starlings out of the pipe on to the dinner table 5-20-13
BR Wants Those Darn Starlings Out of the Pipe
and Onto the Dinner Table by CLMbirds

Twisty head - where are those starlings? 5-20-13
Twisty Head...Where Are Those Starlings?
by CLMbirds

What do we do with these feet?
What Do We Do With These Feet?
by geralynww

Big Red Brings Lunch
BR Brings Lunch by ncaerie

Nestling Mantle 11.54 am
11:54 AM Nestling Mantle by ncaerie

Sing, sing, a song!
1:18 PM Sing, Sing a Song! by RedTailRhumba

BRs talons
1:35 PM BR's Talons by RedTailRhumba

They grow up so fast...
1:47 PM They Grow Up So Fast (D1)
by RedTailRhumba

Look! I can eat this by myself! 5-20-13
Look! I Can Eat This By Myself (D1) by CLMbirds

2:37 PM D3 Trying to Self-Feed by MV

Fullscreen capture 20052013 201636.bmp
3:16 PM by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 20052013 203004.bmp
3:30 PM by grasshopper01

D1 In Full Mantle
D1 Mantle by ncaerie

Special Look Between Father & Child
Special Look Between Father and Child
by ncaerie

05202013_636PM_Beautiful Mom and Tired Babies
6:36 PM Beautiful Mom and Tired Babies
by elly012912

05202013_653PM_Cam Ham D3
6:53 PM Cam Ham D3

05202013_702PM_Mom Arrives With Stick
7:02 PM BR Arrives with Stick by elly012912

05202013_709PM_D3 and Mom Tails
7:09 PM D3 and Mom Tails by elly012912

8:10 PM Sunset by elly012912

05202013_813PM D2 Wings
8:13 PM D2 Wings by elly012912

05202013_815PM D2 Wings
8:15 PM D2 Wings by elly012912

05202013_816PM D1 Wings
8:16 PM D1 Wings by elly012912

05202013_818PM Is Mom's Tail Edible
8:18 PM Is Mom's Tail Edible?
by elly012912

05202013_820 PM D3 Wings
8:20 PM D3 Wings by elly012912

05202013_847 PM BR Drops Down From Railing to Nest
8:47 PM BR Drops Down From Rail to Nest
by elly012912

Good night BR and 3-Ds
Good Night by RedTailRhumba