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Monday, May 27, 2013

Highlights for Monday, May 27

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Great BOG Photos Taken Today by happyblonde!

5/27/2013 BR and the Ds
BR and the Ds 

05/27/2013 BR watching from above cam
BR Watching from Above Cam

05/27/2013 Standing tall
Standing Tall

05/27/2013 Hawlet and starling
Hawklet Watching Starling

Videos and Screenshots from Today
  1. 8:07 AM D1 gives D2 Little Love Pecks elly012912
  2. 8:28 AM Adorable Closeup of D3 elly012912
  3. 8:38 AM D3 is Hungry! Pesters Sibs elly012912
  4. 9:40 AM Ez Delivers Pigeon; Feeding Frenzy Begins! D3 With the Steal elly012912
  5. 10:01 AM BR Decides Everyone Gets a Share, Today! ncaerie
  6. 11:50 AM Wings Stretches, "Slices", & Freckled Pantaloons! ncaerie
  7. 12:15 PM Let's Play Hopscotch! ncaerie
  8. 12:31 PM D3 Shows Off For Siblings! ncaerie
  9. 2:25 PM Great D1 Closeup elly012912
  10. 3:49 PM Ez Delivers Starling elly012912
  11. 4:05 PM D3 Tries To Open A Starling! ncaerie
  12. 4:10 PM Starling Is Very Upset About Ezra's Choice of Prey! ncaerie
  13. 6:00 PM Double Delivery... D3 Has Another Snatch & Hork! ncaerie
  14. 7:11 PM D1 or D2 After Dinner Flaps and Hops! elly012912
  15. 8:33 PM Late Night Exercises for D1 and D2 (and GP) elly012912
  16.  9:06 PM BR Still Loves to Preen the Kids elly012912

Fullscreen capture 27052013 104433.bmp
5:44 AM Ez Delivers Starling by grasshopper01

5:57 AM BR is Home to Help with Starling by aliclaws

hop flap
7:41 AM Hop Flap by grasshopper01

8:08 AM D1 by elly012912

a hawk like look
8:21 AM D3 by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 5272013 82245 AM
8:22 AM D3 by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5272013 84959 AM.bmp>
8:49 AM D3 by GulfCoastRita

05272013_940AM_Ez Delivers Pigeon
9:40 AM Ez Delivers Pigeon by elly012912

late breakfast
9:45 AM Late Breakfast by grasshopper01

D2's tail
9:57 AM D2's Tail by grasshopper01

D3 Tail by babynurse11

D3 by babynurse11

Fullscreen capture 5272013 15408 PM
1:54 PM by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5272013 22556 PM
2:25 PM D1 by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5272013 22917 PM
2:29 PM D1 by elly012912

2:49 PM BR Delivers Chipmunk by MV

2:50 PM D1 Working on Chipmunk by MV

05272013_345PM Everybody Raise Your Tails
3:45 PM Everybody Raise Your Tails
by elly012912

4:13 PM Upset Starling by MV

5:59 PM Ez Delivers Pigeon by MV

6:16 PM Ez on Field Lights by MV from Ferris Tour

6:35 PM Ez on Bradfield perch by MV from Ferris Tour

 6:41 PM BR on Weill by MV from Ferris Tour

7:11 PM by elly012912

7:14 PM by elly012912

05272013_731PM_1_D2 on One Foot
7:31 PM D2 on One Leg by elly012912

7:35 PM D2 by elly01291

8:15 PM D1 by elly012912

8:19 PM by elly012912

8:35 PM Not Ready for Bed Yet by elly012912

8:37 PM Still Running Back and Forth by elly012912

8:41 PM Finally Settled In by elly012912

05272013_907PM_BR Preening the Kids
9:07 PM BR Has Arrived and Preens the Kids
Good Night by elly012912