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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Highlights for Monday, May 6

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Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 7:01 AM Peeking Out From Under Mom elly012912
  2. 7:44 AM Baby Face.... ncaerie
  3. 8:46 AM Nothing Like A Good Breakfast! ncaerie
  4. 9:30 AM Look Out Camera Here It Comes! ncaerie
  5. 10:33 AM Ezra's Arrival from Two Angles ncaerie
  6. 11:14 AM Snake Delicacy For Their Dining Pleasure ncaerie
  7. 11:47 AM Slice Misses Sibling; Hits Cam Two! ncaerie
  8. 1:13 PM D3 Wakes Up Hungry! ncaerie
  9. 1:26 PM Preening & Cleaning After Squirrel Snack ncaerie
  10. 2:30 PM Bottomless Pits ncaerie
  11. 3:32 PM I'm A Big Kid  Now! ncaerie
  12. 4:15 PM How Ya Gonna Keep 'em Down On The Farm ncaerie
  13. 5:51 PM Sleepy Babies and a BIG Clown Foot elly012912
  14. 7:00 PM We've Done Nothing Today But Eat and Sleep...So We Must Eat More! elly012912
  15. 8:03 PM Ez Delivers Pigeon; One More Feeding Before Bedtime elly012912
  16. 8:24 PM Little One Comes In to be Tucked In by Mom elly012912
  17. 8:48 PM Late Night Preening Session with BR elly012912

5:39 AM Nestling 14 Days by Grandad Rufus

05062013_559AM_I see you 
 5:59 AM I See You by elly012912

6:54 AM by elly012912

6:55 AM by elly012912

7:20 AM by Grandad Rufus
    Fullscreen capture 562013 83607 AM
    9:36 AM by Benjammin2013

    Fullscreen capture 562013 101523 AM
    10:15 AM Ez Brought in Another Snake
    by Benjammin2013 

    Fullscreen capture 562013 102047 AM
     10:20 AM All Lined Up for Slim Jim by nomibird

    12:21 BR by MV

    feet comparison
    Feet Comparison by grasshopper01 

    05-06-2013 1351 What do I do with these?
    1:51 PM What Do I Do With These? by Lotties Mimi

    05-06-2013 14:00 - Anatomy of the leg
    2:00 PM Anatomy of the Leg by LottiesMimi

    2:32 PM by MV

    Fullscreen capture 562013 20106 PM
    3:00 PM by Benjammin2013 

    05-06-2013 15:20 Family in Focus
    3:20 PM Family in Focus (Starling Watch)
     by LottiesMimi

    D3 with more fur than she usually likes at one time 5-6-13
    D3 with a Beak Full of Fur by CLMbirds 

    5:56 PM by elly012912

    6:01 PM by elly012912 

    7:25 PM Ez on Nearby Building by MV

    05062013_803PM_Ez Departing
    8:03 PM Ez Departs Nest by elly012912 

    8:11 PM by sebourne 

    05062013_821_1 Coming Back In
    8:21 PM Coming Back In by elly012912 

    05062013_848PM_Late Night Preening with Mom
    8:48 PM Late Night Preening With Mom
    by elly012912