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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Highlights for Saturday, May 11

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Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 5:54 AM Early Morning Closeup
  2. 6:04 AM Early Morning Closeup 2
  3. 7:09 AM BR Arrives to Provide Cover in Morning Rain
  4. 7:36 AM Ez Arrives With Bird - Breakfast
  5. 8:11 AM As Long as Our Heads are Dry, It's Ok
  6. 9:30 AM Crows Mob BR on Top of Weill, BR Flies Back to Nest
  7. 9:36 AM Great Pinfeather Closeups
  8. 9:56 AM Lots of Vocals from BR; Pigeon Delivery by Ez
  9. 10:20 AM We Would Rather Play With the Nest Than Eat
  10. 1:04 PM A Little Exercise After Lunch
  11. 3:17 PM BR Drops Down From Railing and Sticks Beak in Starling Pipe
  12. 3:20 PM Delivery, Feeding, and Flapping
  13. 3:41 PM Flap and Show Us Those Wings!
  14. 5:29 PM What Was That? A Starling Squawk?
  15. 5:39 PM BR Preening the Ds
  16. 6:11 PM Just Some Evening Cuteness
  17. 6:44 PM BR Settles In to Brood the Much Too Large Nestlings...Hilarious!
  18. 7:14 PM Sweet Snuggles with Mom
  19. 7:28 PM Wake Up Kids, Dad is Home with Squirrel!
  20. 8:00 PM Still Trying to Brood That Mountain

6:00 AM Ezra by Grandad Rufus

05112013_610AM 2
6:10 AM by elly012912

8:01 AM by sebourne

Big Red brooding fat young hawks in the rain 5-11-13
Brooding in the Rain by CLMbirds

8:24 AM BR by sebourne

05112013_931AM_BR Flies to Nest After Crow Mobbing on Weill
9:31 AM BR Flies to Nest After Crow Mobbing
by elly012912

Dark feathers - 11 May 2013
Pinfeathers by CaSkyWatcher

11 May 2013
 by CaSkyWatcher

05112013_941AM 2
9:41 AM by elly012912

05112013_941AM 3
9:41 AM by elly012912

 10:01 AM Wingspan by aliclaws

05112013_1027 AM Baby Warble
10:27 AM Baby Warble by elly012912

05112013_104PM 2
1:04 PM by elly0912912

Fullscreen capture 5112013 14348 PM
1:43 PM by elly012912

03112013_317PM_BR Coming Off Railing to Starling Pipe
3:17 BR Coming Off Rail to Starling Pipe
by elly012912

03112013_317PM_BR At Starling Pipe
3:17 PM BR at Starling Pipe
by elly012912

3:27 Ez Food Drop-Off by MV

3:41 PM by elly012912

5:40 PM Preening by Mom by elly012912

6:09 PM by MV

6:37 PM BR and Ds From Ferris Tour by MV

05112013_646PM Trying to Brood Much Too Large Nestlings
6:36 PM BR Trying to Brood Much Too Large Nestlings
by elly012912

Turn-Taking by Marg_40

7:11 PM by elly012912

old and young
7:19 PM by grasshopper01

8:06 PM by elly012912

8:10 PM Good Night by elly012912