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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Highlights for Saturday, May 18

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Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 7:14 AM Cute D Stretches; BR Goes After Starling Again
  2. 7:23 AM D2 Feather Closeup
  3. 7:41 AM More Great Morning Closeups
  4. 8:55 AM BR Arrives; Squirrel is for Breakfast! Tug of War and Spaghutti
  5. 9:37 AM Even More Wonderful Closeups
  6. 10:57 AM Let's Flex Our Toes Together!
  7. 11:05 AM Showing Interest in the Squirrel But We Still Can't Feed Ourselves
  8. 11:08 AM D1 Sees Mom Arriving; Still Gets Hit On Head with Oak Branch
  9. 11:10 AM D2's Big Hop
  10. 11:32 AM BR Relaxes on Railing with Foot Out
  11. 11:34 AM D1 Flappercise and Closeups
  12. 12:32 PM BR Calls Out to Ez For Several Minutes; Ez Delivers Squirrel
  13. 1:17 PM D2 Gets Down an Awfully Big Bite of Squirrel
  14. 1:33 PM BR and Ez on Bradfield Antenna
  15. 2:44 PM D3 Says, "It's Ok, I've Got My Foot On It"
  16. 2:59 PM Ez on Bradfield
  17. 3:29 PM D2 Hops Down the Platform; Does Nice Flapping Session
  18. 4:06 PM D3 Watches Starlings
  19. 5:03 PM BR Walks The Rail
  20. 5:09 PM D1 Hops Over Sibling
  21. 5:44 PM BR Drops Off Rabbit, Feeding Begins
  22. 6:20 PM Ez Arrives with Squirrel and Stays Awhile
  23. 6:41 PM BR Announces Her Return; Comes Off the Railing to Join the Ds
  24. 8:44 PM Late Night Kisses from Mom

5:43 AM Snuggles by grasshopper01

6:05 AM by aliclaws

7:42 AM D3 at 24 Days by Grandad Rufus

7:49 AM D1 at 26 Days by Grandad Rufus

05182013_900AM Tug of War with Piece of Squirrel
9:00 AM Tug of War with Piece of Squirrel
by elly012912

So Big - 18 May 2013
So Big by CaSkyWatcher

Pantaloons & Wings - 18 May 2013
Pantaloons and Wings by CaSkyWatcher

05182013_938AM D1 Peachy Coloration 2
9:38 AM Peachy Coloration on D1
by elly012912

05182013_1052AM_BR Perhaps Trying to Find Back Door to Starling Nest
10:52 AM BR Perhaps Trying to Find Back Door
to Starling Nest by elly012912

11:32 AM BR Relaxing with Foot Out
by elly012912

05182013_1134AM_4_D1 Flappercising
11:34 AM D1 Flappercising
by elly012912

05182013_1135AM_D1 Tail
 11:35 AM D1 Tail by elly012912

 12:09 PM Tilting Heads at Starling
by aliclaws

12:34 PM Ezra by elly012912

12:34 PM by MV

05182013_1232PM_Bye Dad!
12:35 PM Bye Dad! by elly012912

D1 self feeding (sort of)
12:43 PM D1 Self-Feeding (Sort of) by grasshopper01

05182013_1252PM_D3 and D1 Tails
12:53 PM D3 and D1 Tails by elly012912

1:15 PM by MV 

BR and Ezra
1:29 PM BR and Ezra by grasshopper01 

05182013_332PM D2
3:32 PM D2 Flappercising Away From the Nest Bowl
by elly012912 

05182013_341PM D3 Gets Spaghutti From Mom
3;41 PM D3 Gets Spaghutti from Mom
by elly012912

Do Hawks Dream?
Do Hawks Dream? by oldbeak

D-1 (maybe), talons
5:44 PM by RedTailRhumba

05182013_544PM_BR Delivers Rabbit
5:44 PM BR Delivers Rabbit by elly012912

 6:37 PM Ezra with Squirrel Delivery by MV

05182013_643PM BR Coming Off Railing
6:43 PM BR Coming Off Nest Rail
by elly012912

05182013_844PM_1_Good Night
8:41 PM Good Night
by elly012912
Hawk Chalk from our BOGS Today:

05-18-2013 - Hawk Chawk #1
05-18-2013 - Hawk Chawk #2 05-18-2013 - Hawk Chawk #3 05-18-2013 - Hawk Chawk #4
Hawk Chalk Captures by LottiesMimi