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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Highlights for Saturday, May 25

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Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 10:09 AM Very Brief View of BR Flight
  2. 10:10 AM D3 Gulps Down the Whole Thing!
  3. 12:32 PM D3 Decides to See if D2's Tail is Yummy
  4. 2:28 PM Ez Delivers; D3 and D1 Steal Back and Forth; D3 is the Hork Master
  5. 2:54 PM D1 Informs Mom There Will Be No Sharing
  6. 3:14 PM Ez Delivers Starling
  7. 3:17 PM D3 and D1 Play Pass the Starling; D3 is Still the Hork Master
  8. 5:34 PM Early Evening Flappercises
  9. 7:33 PM D2 Gets The Whole Thing Down!
  10. 7:36 PM Ez Deliveries 2 and 3 D1 Mantles and Gets Most: Viewer Warning
  11. 8:19 PM BR Drops Down to Snuggle with the Kids for The Night
  12. 8:35 PM Beautiful Ithaca Sunset

Ez brings little grey bird
5:55 AM Ez Brings Little Grey Bird
by grasshopper01

one leg
6:38 AM On One Leg by grasshopper01

6:54 AM D1 by elly012912

6:55 AM D3 Wing Stretch by elly012912

05252013_D3 and D1_700AM
7:00 AM D3 and D1 by elly012912

7:52 AM by elly012912

beautiful tail coming in
8:54 AM D3 Tail by grasshopper01

05252013_1009AM_1_BR in Flight
10:09 AM BR in Flight by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5252013 122017 PM
12:20 PM D2 and D1 Tails by peakid

2:23 PM BR Delivers Food by MV

05252013_226PM_D3 Wings
2:26 PM D3 Wings by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5252013 23146 PM
2:31 PM by peakid

2:35 PM D1 Stretches by MV

05252013_314PM_1_Ezra Arrives With Starling, D1 Investigates
3:14 PM Ez Arrives with Starling, D1 Investigates
by elly012912

Beak plants everywhere
5:17 PM Beak Plants by RedTailRhumba

05252013_534PM_D1 Wings
5:34 PM D1 Wings by elly012912

05252013_534PM_D2 Wings
5:34 PM D2 Wings by elly012912

05252013_703PM_D2 Up for a Stretch
7:03 PM D2 Up for Stretch by elly012912

7:21 PM BR on Bradfield by MV

05252013_733PM D3
7:33 PM D3 by elly012912

 D2 Eating a Large Piece of Bird by MV

05252013_736PM_D1 Mantles Prey
7:36 D1 Mantles Prey by elly012912

 D1 Eating the Bird by MV

05252013_808PM_We See Mom
8:08 PM We See Mom
by elly012912

8:35 PM by elly012912

8:37 PM by elly012912

05252013_848PM_Good Night
8:48 PM Good Night by elly012912