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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Highlights for Sunday, May 12

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Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 8:12 AM BR with Squirmy Kids and Annoying Starlings
  2. 9:10 AM Ezra Delivers Chipmunk
  3. 9:54 AM Keyscam Finds Ezra on Weill
  4. 10:11 AM BR Holds Bark in Beak While Glaring at Starlings
  5. 10:19 AM Ez Delivers Unidentifiable Bird
  6. 10:21 AM Very Upset Hawk Vocals from BR, Ez May Have Joined in Too
  7. 10:32 AM Ez Goes to Check on the Starling Neighbors
  8. 10:36 AM Ds Try to Figure Out How to Eat the Bird Ez Brought
  9. 11:08 AM Ez Closeup and BR Return
  10. 11:18 AM Ez Returns, BR Vocalizes, Feeding Continues
  11. 1:43 PM The Whole Family at the Nest
  12. 3:13 PM Handsome Ezra
  13. 3:31 PM BR Arrives With Greenery, Talks to Ez, Begins Feeding Ds
  14. 3:45 PM Post-Feeding Cuteness and Exercise
  15. 4:09 PM More Comical Brooding from BR
  16. 4:56 PM Ds Watching Starlings
  17. 4:58 PM Cute Sibling Beak Play But Starlings Are Too Distracting
  18. 7:15 PM Preening, Snuggling, and Watching Starlings with Mom
  19. 8:25 PM Good Night Kisses from Mommy

Dad being gentle
5:43 AM Dad Being Gentle
by grasshopper01

7:07 AM Tender by grasshopper01

those feets!
7:28 AM Those Feets! by grasshopper01

0512013_819AM Both Looking at the Starling
8:19 AM Both Looking at Starling
by elly012912

05122013_954 Ez Flyoff From Weill 2
9:54 AM Ez Flyoff from Weill
by elly012912

picture794 (2)
Ezra by Whitestar0

05122013_1037AM Tugging at Prey (Bird)
10:37 AM Tugging at Prey
by elly012912

11:23 AM by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5122013 120902 PM.bmp
12:09 PM White Terminal Band
by GulfCoastRita

BR gives the starling the stink eye
12:50 PM BR Does the Starling Stinkeye
by grasshopper01

1:54 PM by elly012912

0512013_318PM 1 Ezra
3:18 PM Handsome Ezra by elly012912

0512013_321 Ezra Yawns
3:21 PM Ezra Yawns

3:34 PM by MV

Cornell RTH 5/12/2013
 Late Afternoon Feeding by Renowabbit

Cornell RTH 5/12/2013
One Slice Coming Up! by Renowabbit

3:47 PM by elly012912

05122013_349PM 2
3:49 PM by elly012912

Cornell RTH 5/12/2013
BR Attempts to Brood by Renowabbit

Mom cozy with babies
by geralynww

0512013_458 PM Beaking
4:58 PM Beaking by elly012912 

Fullscreen capture 5122013 71305 PM
7:13 PM Preening by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5122013 73506 PM
7:35 PM Feeding by elly012912 

8:25 PM Good Night Kisses from Mommy
by elly012912

05122013_825PM 2
8:25 PM A Loving Look
by elly012912