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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Highlights for Sunday, May 19

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Great BOG Photos Taken by sully7140 yesterday!


Big Red and Ezra on Bradfield

Big Red and Ezra on Bradfield

Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 8:55 AM Off Bradfield, Soaring, In Penthouse, and To Nest Rail
  2. 9:43 AM Ez Delivers Bunny; Ds Watch His Approach
  3. 10:01 AM D1 With Great Balance: Almost a Standing Warble in the Wind
  4. 10:09 AM Wonderful Closeup of D1
  5. 11:00 AM Talons, Legs, and Wings
  6. 11:55 AM Ez Delivers Live Bird to Nest (Unedited, and Viewer Warning)
  7. 12:33 PM D3 is Quite Interested in the Starlings; Great Closeup
  8. 1:25 PM Ez Delivers Bunny: D2 Sits and It and Attemps Self-Feeding
  9. 1:58 PM D3 Says, "Those Pieces are Too Big Mom! But I'll Try Anyway!"
  10. 2:02 PM D1 Flaps and Hops After Lunch
  11. 2:53 PM EZ, Then BR, Flies Off Bradfield
  12. 4:21 PM It's a Bit Blustery D1
  13. 5:53 PM Annoyed Starling Chirps at Ezra; Ez Preens and Ignores
  14. 6:58 PM BR Arrives; Ezra's 2 Hour Vigil at the Starling Pipe is Over
  15. 7:01 PM D2 Takes Over Watch at the Starling Pipe; Flaps and Hops
  16. 8:24 PM After Lots of Fidgeting Everyone Settles Down for Bed

6:05 AM by aliclaws

6:17 AM by aliclaws

6:38 AM Chillin by grasshopper01

05192013_859_BR Flying Off Bradfield
8:59 AM BR Flying Off Bradfield
by elly012912

05192013_909AM_BR and Ez Soaring Over Bradfield
9:09 AM BR and Ez Soaring Over Bradfield
by elly012912

05192013_910AM_BR in Penthouse
9:10 AM BR Arrives at Penthouse
by elly012912

05192013_913AM_BR Drops Down to Railing
 9:13 AM BR Drops Down to Railing
by elly012912

05192013_914AM_White Streak in from of Window is Slice from D1
9:14 AM White Streak in Front of Window
is Slice from D1 by elly02912

D1 is standing like a hawk! 5-19-13
D1 by CLMbirds

05192013_1009AM_3_ D1
10:09 AM D1 by elly012912

11:00 AM D2 Talons by elly012912

 11:36 AM BR with Bark by MV

 Fullscreen capture 5192013 115644 AM.bmp
11:56 AM Ez Brings Live Bird by GulfCoastRita

Fullscreen capture 5192013 121921 PM.bmp
12:29 PM Proud BR Observes D2's
Self-Feeding Attempts by GulfCoastRita

12:34 PM D3 Watching Starlings by elly012912

RT Hawket Sitting
D3 Closeup by oldbeak

05192013_110PM_D2 and D1
1:10 PM D2 and D1 by elly012912

D3 Tilty head
1:16 PM D3 Tilty Head by gpeterson

Another Beak Comparison: D1 in front, D2 in back
1:46 PM Beak Comparison:
D1 in Front, D2 in Back by gpeterson

D1 Posing
1:50 PM D1 Posing by gpeterson

1:53 PM by elly012912

05192013_136PM_3_D1 Flappercising
1:56 PM D1 Flappercises, D3 in Back
by elly012912

Kids watching Big Red arrive - 19 May 2013 14:07
Watching BR Arrive by CaSkyWatcher

2:08 PM by MV

Heads or Tails - 19 May 2013 14:31
2:31 PM Heads or Tails by CaSkyWatcher
(D1 Tail)

Ezra and Big Red
2:45 PM Ezra and Big Red on Bradfield
by grasshopper01

Daddy's home...@ 15:25 5/19/13
3:25 PM Daddy's Home with Another Bunny
by RedTailRhumba

05192013_424PM_D3 Tail
4:24 PM D3 Tail by elly012912

4:57 PM Ez and D1 or D2 by elly012912

5:45 PM Ez at Starling Pipe
by elly012912

 6:02 PM Ez Preening While Starling
Waits on Rail by MV

05192013_700PM_D2 Flappercising in Front of Starling Pipe
7:00 PM D2 Flappercises in Front of Starling Pipe
by elly012912

05192013_701 PM Tails D2, D1, D3
7:01 PM Tails, D2, D1, D3
by elly012912

05192013_806PM BR Returns with Greenery
 8:06 PM BR Returns with Greenery
by elly012912

05192013_819PM BR Looks at Starling, Little One Peeks Around
8:19 PM Little One Peeks Around BR
While She Looks at Starling
by elly012912

05192013_824PM Good Night
8:24 PM Good Night
by elly012912