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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Highlights for Thursday, May 16

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  • Other Blog Updates: Twitter Analytics data for May 16 has been pulled but due to time constraints, analysis will not be posted until Saturday, May 18. Thank you for your patience!

Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1.  6:47 AM BR Has Another Go at the Starling Pipe ncaerie
  2. 8:26 AM BR Finds Cupboard A Little Bare ncaerie
  3. 8:57 AM Where Is Your Father? ncaerie
  4. 9:21 AM Morsel For One ncaerie
  5. 9:24 AM Parents Are Nearby.. & Finally More Food! ncaerie
  6. 9:41 AM Growing So Fast ncaerie
  7. 10:40 AM Chippie Time! ncaerie
  8. 10:57 AM Nestling Takes "Slicing" Aim At Starling ncaerie
  9. 12:48 PM Well Groomed Nestling! ncaerie
  10. 12:52 PM What's For Lunch, Mom? ncaerie
  11. 1:04 PM Just Checking My Flight Systems! ncaerie
  12. 3:25 PM Whole New Meaning For..."Riding The Rails! ncaerie
  13. 3:40 PM Ezra's Hunting Skills Are Superb! ncaerie
  14. 3:54 PM Let The Feasting Begin! ncaerie
  15. 4:21 PM Meanwhile Up In The Penthouse.. ncaerie
  16. 5:35 PM More Food To Eat, Then Off She Goes! ncaerie
  17. 5:44 PM BR or Ezra Soars To & From Bradfield ncaerie
  18. 7:34 PM BR Delivers a Big Squirrel Via The Back Door elly012912
  19. 7:49 PM Ez Delivers Starling elly012912
  20. 7:54 PM Determination Makes the Starling Foot Go Down elly012912
  21. 8:38 PM GP Finds Ez on Nearby Light Tower; Then BR Flies By elly012912
  22. 8:42 PM Tonight's Brooding Comedy elly012912

5:46 AM Hawklet at 24 Days by Grandad Rufus

6:17 AM by Grandad Rufus

05162013_747AM_BR Takes Another Shot at the Starling Pipe
7:37 AM BR Takes Another Shot
at the Starling Pipe by elly012912

I'm A Big Bird Now!
I'm a Big Bird Now! by ncaerie

Fullscreen capture 5162013 90344 AM
10:08 AM Eye Color on D2 is Starting to Lighten
by Benjammin2013

<Fullscreen capture 5162013 114944 AM
12:49 PM D2 Sees Mom
by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 5162013 115623 AM
1:01 PM Starling Feeding is Over,
BR About to Get Some Bark
by Benjammin2013

2:29 PM by MV

05-16-2013 14:34 D1's sub-terminal band
2:34 PM D1 Sub-Terminal Band by LottiesMimi

starling entering it's nest pipe
3:16 PM Starling Entering Nest Pipe
by grasshopper01

05-16-2013 15:39 BR sees EZ coming in the back door
3:39 PM BR Sees Ez Coming In the Back Door
by LottiesMimi

05-16-2013 16:08 D1's increasing plumage
4:08 PM D1 Plumage by LottiesMimi

05-16-2013 16:17 Penthouse rendezvous
4:17 PM Penthouse Rendezvous by LottiesMimi

Cornell RTH 5/16/2013
6:00 PM Ezra by Renowabbit

05162013_602 PM_Ezra Preening 4
6:02 PM Ezra Preening by elly012912

6:47 PM BR by elly012912

05162013_728PM_BR Arrives With Squirrel Via Back Door
7:28 PM BR Arrives With Squirrel Via the Back Door
by elly012912

05-16-2013 19:43 - D2's wing span
7:42 PM D2's Wing Span
by LottiesMimi

05162013_743PM 1
7:43 PM by elly012912

05-16-2013 19:45 I can spread my tail
 7:45 PM I Can Spread My Tail by LottiesMimi

7:46 PM D3 Tries Self-Feeding by sebourne

7:48 PM D2 and D3 Flappercising by sebourne

05-16-2013 19:49 Family meeting
 7:49 PM Family Meeting by LottiesMimi

05162013_756PM_Starling Foot 4
7:56 PM Starling Foot..Mmmmm
by elly012912

05-16-2013 20:08 D1's feather growth at 24 days
8:08 PM D1 Feather Growth
by LottiesMimi

Cornell RTH 5/16/2016
3 Nestlings by Renowabbit

8:17 PM by elly012912

8:34 PM by elly012912

8:35 PM Sunset by elly012912

05162013_839PM_BR Flying By While Ez is on Nearby Light Tower
8:39 PM Ez is Perched On this Light Tower,
Hard to See in the Fading Light...BR Flies By
by elly012912

05162013_847 PM BR Attempts to Brood
8:47 PM Comical Brooding Attempt
by elly012912

05162013_848 PM Good Night
8:48 PM Good Night
by elly012912